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Immigration Detention Archives

Mothers refuse to eat in protest of immigration detention

More than 20 mothers have begun a hunger strike to protest a situation at a detainment facility outside of Georgia. The women have claimed they left their homelands to escape violence and corruption. Since coming to the United States, the mothers say their families have been locked up in an immigration detention center and threatened by official personnel.

Addressing fears regarding immigration detention in Georgia

Many Georgia residents are immigrants who came to the United States from foreign lands. Current data suggests the immigrant population is an integral part of the workforce, tax revenue and purchasing power in the state. However, many say they live in fear of immigration detention and other issues related to their resident statuses.

Immigration detention raids called into question

Earlier in 2016, at least 100 female and child immigrants were detained in the United States. All involved were said to have crossed the nation's borders from Central America. Since then, a lawsuit has been filed in Georgia against the federal government concerning certain documents that pertain to the government raids that sent these people to immigration detention.

Many Georgia families threatened by immigration detention

The thought of fighting against removal proceedings may seem daunting to many Georgia immigrants. Countless families have been threatened by immigration detention, causing them to fear being torn apart from loved ones. Those facing such circumstances are challenged in many ways, and they often need experienced guidance from immigration and naturalization law attorneys.

Immigration detention problems apparent in Georgia and beyond

Hunger strikes and class action lawsuits are among recent reactions to apparent atrocities experienced by many immigrants detained in Georgia and other states. A class action claim has been filed against U.S. Customs and Border Protection regarding allegedly filthy conditions in immigration detention centers. A border patrol's treatment of immigrants in its custody has also been called into question.

Supreme Court to hear immigration detention case

The United States Supreme Court recently agreed to consider if detained immigrants who face deportation have to be allowed bail hearings if they end up being held for a minimum of six months. This decision related to immigration detention might have huge implications for groups of people in Georgia and other states who support immigration rights. The Supreme Court will hear a case dating back to the year 2010, when a class-action lawsuit was brought against the Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, by the American Civil Liberties Union, or ACLU.

Some in Georgia say U.S. immigration law needs to change

Undocumented immigrants in Georgia and elsewhere often face legal challenges regarding various aspects of their statuses. Some say U.S. immigration law needs to change. Often, this opinion is mentioned in conjunction with children who are born in the United States to undocumented parents.

Immigration detention center at center of legal debate

There are currently many different issues pertaining to immigrants rights in the news and current event discussions throughout the nation. In a state outside Georgia, those advocating immigrant rights are touting a victory over their state regarding an immigration detention center and a recent ruling by the court. The judge's decision ended a legal battle that had been going on for months.

Immigration detention debate rages on in Georgia

Georgia is among many states where politicians, private citizens and others continue to debate immigration topics in the Unites States. At the top of the list is immigration detention and potential deportation of thousands of immigrants. The White House defended its policies on a recent Friday afternoon.

Georgia families often affected by immigration detention

Throughout the United States, thousands of families have taken up residence in search of better lives. They hail from a variety of foreign lands, many claiming to have fled those countries in order to escape violence, poverty and persecution. In Georgia and beyond, legal challenges have arisen for many non-documented families due to immigration detention and threatened deportation.

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