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Cuando dijiste el 'Si acepto,' los oficiales de inmigración dudaron que no fuera cierto?

Cuando llegó a Georgia desde su país de origen para prepararse para su boda, las emociones que van desde la emoción hasta la inquietud pueden haberlo consumido. Después de todo, cuando aceptaste una propuesta de matrimonio de un ciudadano de los EE. UU., sabías que estarías aprendiendo a adaptarte a una nueva cultura, leyes y estilo de vida cotidiano. Ojala, usted haya hecho su investigación con anticipación y sabía que, para cumplir con los requisitos de su visa, tenía que casarse dentro de los 90 días de su llegada a los Estados Unidos.

La visa u puede ayudar a las víctimas de crimenes a buscar asilo

Usted puede haber venido a los Estados Unidos con la esperanza de comenzar una nueva vida y alcanzar sus sueños. Sin embargo, en algún punto del camino, puede que se haya encontrado en una situación difícil que le causó daño. Debido a que usted es un inmigrante indocumentado, puede haber sentido que no tenía opciones para buscar ayuda.

Three tips for getting through the visa interview.

If you are applying for a family-based visa, it can be an intimidating experience. Whether you are asking for a fiancé or marriage visa, the process involves an extensive application process as well as a biometric interview. To add to this exhausting application process, there is the visa interview. This may cause you a lot of stress, as the United States government is essentially asking you to prove that your relationship to your loved one is genuine.

How to avoid common immigration scams

Becoming a U.S. citizen comes with a host of benefits ? you have the full rights and protections of the U.S. Constitution, you can sponsor immediate relatives, you can vote in elections and you can travel without fear of losing your status. Sadly, many people prey on people trying to work toward residency and citizenship, using scams to take advantage of immigrants.

Green card holders returning to the US after over a year abroad

When a legal permanent resident of the U.S. leaves the country, they must return within 365 days or face the possibility of denial of entry should they try to reenter the country. If a Georgia green card holder has been outside of the U.S. for more than a year, they might have follow certain proceedings if they are attempting to return to the country.

What is Temporary Protected Status and am I eligible?

Georgia residents might be interested in learning about what Temporary Protect Status is. In situations where a country has experienced a natural disaster or there is a civil war, the Secretary of Homeland Security may decide to designate that country for Temporary Protected Status.

College graduate may be unable to stay in U.S.

A Brazilian woman who graduated from a college in the United States and now lives in Georgia may be facing deportation in the near future. When she began college, she receive an F-1 student visa which allowed her to study in the U.S. After graduating this May, she obtained an extension which enables her to work in the United States. The woman is currently employed at a travel agency in Buckhead, but if she cannot find a sponsor to help her get an H-1B visa by next May, she may be forced to move back to Brazil.

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