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Las nuevas reglas para el DACA

Estas son las nueva bases si quieres renovar tu DACA.
  • Nadie puede solicitar por primera vez a partir de hoy.
  • Si usted tiene DACA y expira después del 3/5/2018, una vez que expire, su status se termina.
  • Si tiene DACA y va a expirar el 3/5/2018, tiene hasta el día 10/5/2017 para presentar una solicitud de renovación (incluso si todavía tiene 5 meses antes de que expire).
  • Si USCIS recibe la solicitud el 10/5/17, la procesarán y cuando se apruebe, seguirá siendo bueno durante 2 años a partir de la fecha de aprobación.

No dudes en visitarnos si tienes alguna duda o para poder renovar tu DACA.

Speak up! Undocumented workers are often treated unfairly

There are about 8 million undocumented immigrant workers in the U.S. right now. These workers make up a huge part of a functioning workforce in the service industry, manufacturing, construction, farming and much more. Many immigrant workers do not know their rights and are often exploited by their employers.

How to avoid common immigration scams

Becoming a U.S. citizen comes with a host of benefits ? you have the full rights and protections of the U.S. Constitution, you can sponsor immediate relatives, you can vote in elections and you can travel without fear of losing your status. Sadly, many people prey on people trying to work toward residency and citizenship, using scams to take advantage of immigrants.

Obama prepared to defend new immigration policies

Georgia residents who are aware of President Obama's recent executive actions may be interested in statements he made during a recent town hall immigration forum. He told attendees that there will be consequences for federal agents who do not follow the new immigration policies. In November, Obama launched two programs aimed at providing work permits for up to five million immigrants who are living in the United States illegally and to halt deportations.

Detention of asylum seekers temporarily halted

Georgia residents interested in immigration issues may know that a Washington, D.C., court ordered that the Immigration and Enforcement agency detention of children and their mothers seeking asylum be halted. The policy is supported by the current administration and was put into effect by a presidential executive order.

Immigrants face delays in court hearings

Georgia residents are likely aware that immigration has been a top political issue in the past several years. The issue may spend even more time in the spotlight as thousands of cases have been delayed until 2019. Delaying immigration hearings could result in many people being deported due to issues with dated evidence. Other issues could arise for children who become adults before their parents can become citizens.

What are the different ways to obtain asylum?

The affirmative and the defensive process are the two ways to obtain asylum in the United States. One of the main differences is that the affirmative process is initiated by the defendant while the defensive process begins once an individual is in danger of deportation. Specifically, the individual is in removal proceedings after being stopped at a port or border or apprehended in the United States.

How to distinguish between an immigrant and a refugee

The people from Central America who have recently come to the United States have been labeled as both immigrants and refugees. What is the difference between and immigrant and a refugee, and why does it matter which label a person receives? The difference between the two labels could be the difference between a person having legal status within the country and being forced to wait until being able to legally enter the country. How does a Georgia resident tell the difference between the two?

Immigration bills languish in Congress

Georgia residents may be aware that children are crossing the U.S. border illegally at an unprecedented rate on the misguided illusion they may be able to remain in this country. One U.S. senator who helped draft a bipartisan bill to deal with immigration has spoken out on the issue and explained why the bill languishes in Congress one year later.

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