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Los cambios en las circunstancias podrían afectar su aplicación de asilo

Cuando tienes miedo por tu vida, tu cuerpo normalmente responde con una respuesta de lucha o huida. Esta respuesta significa cualquier que sea la circunstancia, esta permanecerá firme y tratará de protegerse mediante la lucha, o tratará de protegerse huyendo de la amenaza. En muchos casos, la última opción es la más adecuada, especialmente si enfrenta persecución en su país de origen.

Lo que necesita saber sobre la green card de violencia doméstica

Cuando te casaste con un ciudadano de EE. UU., Tenías grandes esperanzas de una nueva vida aquí. Lamentablemente, muchos matrimonios se deterioran con el tiempo, y algunos cónyuges incluso se convierten en víctimas de la violencia doméstica. Desafortunadamente, muchos inmigrantes como usted se encuentran en la misma situación y les resulta difícil buscar ayuda.

What happens after I apply for asylum?

After you spent time gathering your information and filing your application for asylum, the next step requires you to wait patiently for a decision. Like other applicants here in Georgia, this seems like the hardest part of the process. While you wait, understanding the different decisions might help.

Detention of asylum seekers temporarily halted

Georgia residents interested in immigration issues may know that a Washington, D.C., court ordered that the Immigration and Enforcement agency detention of children and their mothers seeking asylum be halted. The policy is supported by the current administration and was put into effect by a presidential executive order.

What are the different ways to obtain asylum?

The affirmative and the defensive process are the two ways to obtain asylum in the United States. One of the main differences is that the affirmative process is initiated by the defendant while the defensive process begins once an individual is in danger of deportation. Specifically, the individual is in removal proceedings after being stopped at a port or border or apprehended in the United States.

What is Temporary Protected Status and am I eligible?

Georgia residents might be interested in learning about what Temporary Protect Status is. In situations where a country has experienced a natural disaster or there is a civil war, the Secretary of Homeland Security may decide to designate that country for Temporary Protected Status.

Obtaining relief and protection from removal

Immigrants living in Georgia may benefit from understanding more about the relief and protections available to prevent removal. People involved in removal proceedings in Immigration Court or with the Board of Immigration Appeals may apply for benefits that might include withholding from removal, receiving asylum, removal cancellation, waivers of inadmissibility or an adjustment to permanent residency status. The authority presiding these matters is the Executive Office of Immigration Review, a division of the U.S. Department of Justice.

Domestic violence may now be grounds for asylum

Georgia residents interested in immigration issues may be interested in the story of one woman who has succeeded in an appeal to the government regarding asylum in the U.S. This appeal may have established a new protected class under U.S. asylum policy.

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