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Is the “zero tolerance” immigration policy new?

In recent weeks, the news of the Trump administration's move to further criminalize border crossings has dominated headlines across the media. In many cases, these headlines focus on the controversial practice of detaining parents and separating them from their children when border patrol agents find them crossing the United States border. For many, it seems as if this is a completely new practice that emerged out of nowhere, but that is not the case.

How do I become a naturalized American citizen?

Foreign nationals or citizens are eligible to apply to become naturalized United States citizens under the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA).One of the first steps in qualifying for American citizenship is for you to take and pass the naturalization test. It includes sections testing your mastery of civics, English and U.S. history.

Poor conditions in detention centers threaten safety of detainees

If you or someone you love must spend time in an immigration detention center, you do still have rights as a person, and may have legal grounds to contest your treatment. Here in Georgia, our state houses a detention center quickly gaining a reputation for being a place where anything but the law gets upheld.

Overstaying your visa is not a good choice to make

Whether you've been issued a visa to travel to the United States as a tourist or you've been awarded an employment or residency one, they all have expiration dates. You must either return to your home country or make arrangements to have your privileges extended before they expire on that date.

Asylum is there to protect refugees

You came to the United States intending to visit for a short time until you could return home. You thought that you could enjoy some time away from home and still go back when you finished vacation. During your stay, your country became violent and dangerous. You don't think you can go back without putting yourself and your family at risk of serious injury or death.

Why might my request for a United States tourist visa be denied?

Hundreds of thousands of foreign nationals apply to come to the United States as tourists every year. For many applicants, though, they receive a refusal citing a failure to meet requirements listed in section 214(b) of the U.S.' immigration policy.

Immigration laws may change significantly in 2018

The new year holds many possibilities, but not all of them fill Georgia residents or the larger immigrant community with hope and joy. In fact, immigrants all throughout the country may soon see a complicated season of transition if the White House's recently announced plans to revamp the United States' immigration policies go through.

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