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Hechos de detención de inmigración de los estados unidos que pueden impactar a su familia

Si emigró de otro país para vivir y trabajar en Georgia, es probable que haya enfrentado varios tipos de desafíos en el camino. Ya sea que sea propietario de un negocio, trabajador o haya cruzado una frontera de los EE. UU. en una situación desesperada sin documentación, puede tener sueños y metas similares a los de cientos de miles de residentes nacidos y criados en los Estados Unidos.

Las penas y las alternativas por vencimiento de visa

Cualesquiera de las innumerables razones posibles que lo llevaron a Georgia, es probable que haya pasado una gran cantidad de tiempo y manejado más de su límite de frustración para obtener su visa. Es posible que haya llegado a los Estados Unidos para trabajar, estudiar o visitar a su familia, y entiende que su tiempo como ciudadano extranjero se limitó a la fecha límite de su visa.

Inadequate care reported in several immigration detention centers

In Georgia and elsewhere in the United States, many people who have fled across the nation's borders in search of better lives have run into problems with immigration officials. Many immigration detention centers across the nation are filled to capacity with persons suspected of visa violations or unauthorized arrivals, as well as others facing deportations due to possible impending criminal convictions. In recent years, there have been multiple reports that some immigration officials have failed to provide adequate and safe care to those in their custody.

Man turns immigration detention release into profitable business

Many people who come to live in Georgia from abroad are instead taken into federal custody. Immigration detention centers are filled with those whose eligibility to reside in the United States has been called into question. Often, immigrants are granted release by bond while they await proceedings to determine whether they will be deported.

Faith groups protest outside immigration detention center

In Georgia and other states, many women and children are being detained after crossing the borders of United States, seeking asylum. One particular immigration detention center in another state is said to be full of mothers and children who followed all the rules set before them to request asylum; however, instead of receiving the help they needed, they were locked up and detained. Groups of people from varying faith backgrounds recently gathered to protest this situation.

Many have faced immigration detention problems in Georgia

Hundreds of thousands of immigrants come to the United States in search of safer, better lives for themselves and their families. Over the past several years, claims have been made that many people in immigration detention centers in Georgia and other states have suffered grave injustices from officials in whose custody they were placed. From poor sanitary conditions to allegations of actual physical abuse, many immigrants have uttered cries for help; some have even staged hunger strikes in protest of unfair treatment.

Privatization of immigration detention challenged

Throughout the nation, a debate about laws and protocols pertaining to detained immigrants is ongoing. This immigration detention issue may impact a number of families in Georgia. Immigration advocates have been very vocal about their opinions on the matter, arguing that immediate change is needed because the current system is unfair toward many detainees.

Shackle restraints questioned in immigration detention hearings

Under current protocol, a Georgia immigrant facing criminal charges may be brought into the courtroom wearing shackles. However, some have questioned the need to do so in court appearances where an immigrant has not been criminally charged. Immigration advocates argue that it is unfair to treat people being held in immigration detention centers as though they are hardened criminals.

Court hears first immigration detention case of its kind

A situation has developed in a state outside Georgia involving an immigrant and her 9-year-old son. The pair is said to have fled their native land in fear of persecution. What happened once they entered the United States, however, has become the subject of a lawsuit filed against the U.S. government regarding immigration detention.

Mothers refuse to eat in protest of immigration detention

More than 20 mothers have begun a hunger strike to protest a situation at a detainment facility outside of Georgia. The women have claimed they left their homelands to escape violence and corruption. Since coming to the United States, the mothers say their families have been locked up in an immigration detention center and threatened by official personnel.

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