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Clarification re U.S. immigration law and asylum often necessary

It can be a very frightening experience to arrive in Georgia or another state as an immigrant. U.S. immigration law is complicated and often confusing to those whose first language is not English. Many who seek asylum face various challenges, including being lumped in with numbers regarding detentions regarding incidents at the Mexican border.

Religious leaders say U.S. immigration law must change

A group of religious leaders has called upon the government to act, noting that reform is needed in Georgia and throughout the nation. The topic of their pleas is U.S. immigration law. Especially, with regard to Koreans and other Asians, the group says many important issues have gone unspoken for too long.

U.S. immigration law addresses workplace discrimination

In Georgia and throughout the United States, there are specific laws governing matters involving discrimination in the workplace. Many have sought clarification on how U.S. immigration law might affect particular situations. Recently, the Department of Justice took steps to make it easier for immigrants to seek help when needed.

Some say U.S. immigration law should change to help children

Standing in a Georgia courtroom defending one's right to live in the United States would undoubtedly be a stressful experience for most people. One can only imagine how much more distressing such circumstances would seem to a child of minor age. A current raging debate regarding U.S. immigration law and how it pertains to children has led advocates to call upon the government for change.

U.S. immigration law allows sponsors to help refugee children

Throughout Georgia and in many other states, there has reportedly been a steady influx of undocumented refugee children over the past several years. Some say this has created an outright political and humanitarian crisis in the nation. U.S. immigration law allows some people to act as sponsors for these children, although the process is typically a lengthy one, sometimes taking months or even years.

The importance of seeking clarification of U.S. immigration law

Hundreds of thousands of immigrants reside in Georgia and other states across the nation. For many, especially those for whom language poses a barrier, understanding U.S. immigration law may seem a daunting task. There are a number of reasons, however, why seeking clarification may be crucial toward an immigrant's ability to pursue a successful life in the United States.

Where to find guidance resources regarding U.S. Immigration Law

Many families in Georgia and other states across the nation face tremendous challenges regarding family-based visas and other immigration-related issues. U.S. immigration law is often complex and confusing, especially for those who struggle to understand the English language. There are resources available that may help alleviate stress when seeking answers to immigration questions.

Some Olympic athletes very familiar with U.S. Immigration Law

Millions worldwide, including many in Georgia, have been enjoying the competitions of the 2016 Summer Olympics. The United States team is comprised of many high-ranking athletes, some of whom came to the nation through U.S. immigration law processes. In fact, one Albanian-born female athlete said she sought asylum in 1999 and became a naturalized citizen 13 years later.

Some in Georgia may be affected by U.S. Immigration Law situation

Some say there have been recent incidents that appear to be matters of discrimination against African immigrants. The U.S. immigration law situations may be affecting some Georgia families. Apparently, the incidents involved nearly 100 immigrants who were repatriated after requesting safe asylum on U.S. soil.

Understanding U.S. immigration law in Georgia

Many immigrants come to Georgia to live after suffering from violence or extreme poverty in their native lands. Due to language barriers and other challenges, some may struggle in their attempt to adjust to new life in the United States. When complications arise regarding visas, employment issues or other U.S. immigration law issues, some may find it necessary to seek experienced guidance in order to obtain solutions.

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