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What is the difference between a refugee and an asylum seeker?

People often think of anyone who comes to the United States from another country as an immigrant, but that's not strictly true. People can come with many different statuses and titles, and these have a drastic impact on how the process plays out.

Do you know how many immigrants actually live in the U.S.?

When people talk about immigration these days, they often come from two very different sides and may exaggerate things significantly. For instance, maybe someone told you that immigrants are flooding into the country in unprecedented numbers and you should be worried about it. Or, maybe you have heard that the current political climate has turned them back and changed the country that the United States was originally intended to be.

Citizen held for deportation for days -- but that's not unusual

There's an old movie called "Born in East L.A." that involves a Latino veteran who is wrongfully deported. He's mistaken for an illegal immigrant from Mexico -- despite the fact that he speaks no Spanish and was born in the United States. Back in the 80s, the film played as a comedy. Now, it could be a documentary.

How should I talk with an airport immigration officer?

It can be terrifying to arrive in the United States at an airport and be subjected to an interview with an immigration officer -- especially if your spoken English skills are a little rusty. If you already have a visa to enter the United States, you shouldn't have any cause for concern, but that doesn't make this interview any easier.

Am I already a United States citizen?

It seems like everyone in the world wants to be a United States citizen, and it can be a long and difficult process for some to gain this status. However, it never ceases to surprise us on the occasions when someone comes into our immigration law office asking for help with citizenship and we discover that the individual is already a citizen.

The immigrant vote could determine Georgia's governor

If you're wondering who is going to become the next governor of Georgia in November, you may be interested to know that a deciding factor could be the way immigrants vote. The race is close so far, slightly favoring Republican Brian Kemp over Democratic nominee Stacey Abrams.

Can I help my adopted sibling immigrate to the United States?

If you're a United States citizen, you may be able to sponsor your sibling to immigrate to the United States. While the process for bringing a sibling to America in this fashion is relatively straightforward, each step must be followed in order to maximize the chances of success. Also, when it comes to an adopted sibling, there is an additional step that's important to keep in mind.

Does divorce threaten my permanent resident status?

For many years, one of the most direct paths to obtaining permanent resident status in the United States has been through marrying someone who is already a citizen. While the process is far more complicated than many television shows and movies portray, this has long been a well-known method for gaining resident status or citizenship.

How do you avoid immigration fraud?

When a person applies for a visa or seeks to change their immigration status, the process is usually more complicated and challenging than anticipated. No matter how you look at the immigration system in America, it is certainly not simple or user-friendly. This often leads individuals who want to play by the rules and follow the proper procedures to get help with the process, which is a good idea.

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