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Should you consider a plea bargain?

Whenever a person is charged with a crime, they should do their best to fight the charges and push to have them dismissed. However, in many cases, it is simply not possible to see charges dismissed entirely, and a defendant may consider accepting a plea bargain to avoid more serious sentencing. Unfortunately, many defendants accept plea bargains that hurt them in the long run because they do not understand the risks involved.

Detainees continue to fight for their rights from behind bars

As an immigrant in America, you face many threats to your safety and security, and may even suffer imprisonment for relatively small infractions of the law. In many cases, authorities detain immigrants simply because they are in the country without proper documentation. If you or someone you love suffers detention, now is the time to start fighting for your rights, not time to give up.

Understanding a crime of moral turpitude

When you come to the United States, it should be with the understanding that you will benefit the community you live in. When people immigrate to the U.S., the only thing the government really wants to see is people who want to live in the country peacefully. Those who commit crimes could be deported, especially if those crimes are crimes of moral turpitude.

Arrested or detained immigrants: Know your legal rights

Immigrants who find themselves detained or arrested by U.S. authorities have specific legal rights. However, these rights may change depending on where the arrest occurred. In the case of an arrest or detainment close to a border or at an airport, immigrants have fewer rights. If the arrest happens on the street, following a vehicle stop, at a residence or at work, immigrants will usually have more rights.

The consequences of juvenile crimes on immigration status

Among the many limits imposed on immigrants to the United States are rules about criminal convictions. Crimes of moral turpitude -- which include just about anything illegal -- not only make an immigrant ineligible for a green card or citizenship, but they can result in deportation.

Immigration raids only account for some immigrant arrests

In recent months, every other day seems to feature headlines about aggressive tactics and legal questions surrounding the current role of the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency. The actions of ICE are front and center in the immigration debate going on in all parts of the country right now.

Criminal defense: What to expect with an attorney's help

A good criminal defense attorney has many strategies that can help you defend yourself effectively. Generally speaking, there are a few ways to defend yourself, but they all fall into the same categories. You either are claiming to be innocent or not. If not, you're looking to explain yourself and actions in a way that will lead to little or no punishment.

Defend yourself against criminal charges while you still can

No matter who you are, facing criminal charges in America can seriously impact your livelihood and the safety of your family. For immigrants living in America, especially those here without proper documentation, facing criminal charges could greatly alter their lives and can result in lengthy detention and deportation.

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