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Asylum: How to avoid legal problems while navigating the system

Perhaps your goal as an immigrant is to build a new life for yourself and your family in Georgia. Maybe you are one of thousands who have a dream of starting your own business someday. However, if your arrival to the United States involved turbulent circumstances, you may encounter numerous challenges as you try to obtain legal status to live and work in this country.

As with most immigration processes, if you plan to seek asylum, you'll find that a lot of paperwork is involved. You'll also need to prepare for an interview with an immigration official at some point. You may even be placed in detention for a period of time. The more you learn about the asylum application process ahead of time, the less likely you will run into problems as you navigate the system. The good news is that you can seek legal support whenever you need it.

You must fulfill eligibility requirements

It's no secret that illegally entering Georgia or any other state leaves immigrants vulnerable for immediate deportation if Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents identify them as not having the proper paperwork in order. To avoid such problems, it may be helpful to review the following list, which explains what some of the requirements are to qualify you for asylum:

  • If you claim that you will face persecution in your country of origin if you stay there, you must be able to show enough evidence to convince U.S. immigration officials that it's true.
  • Persecution often includes issues regarding your race, religion, ethnicity or political opinions.
  • You must submit a formal, written application for asylum within one year of your entrance to the United States.
  • If you're including a child on your application, he or she must be under age 21 and unmarried.

Because different types of asylum exist, you'll want to make sure you choose a course of action that aligns with your particular circumstances. It may take weeks or months to process an asylum application. However, if the U.S. government grants your request, you will be free to stay in Georgia or anywhere you like to live, work, raise a family and pursue your ultimate lifestyle goals.

If a problem arises

It's not uncommon for problematic issues to arise regarding legal status. The best action to take if you're faced with a troubling situation is to try to remain calm and cooperate with officials as much as possible. If you believe an immigration officer or police officer has violated your personal rights, you can request immediate legal support at any time.

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