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January 2019 Archives

Am I safe if I seek sanctuary in a church?

If your status in the U.S. is in question, you may have more reasons to fear than ever before. Maybe your visa expired, and you have not taken the steps to renew it. Perhaps police have accused you of a crime that is a removable offense. Possibly, you were not in the country lawfully to begin with.

Citizen held for deportation for days -- but that's not unusual

There's an old movie called "Born in East L.A." that involves a Latino veteran who is wrongfully deported. He's mistaken for an illegal immigrant from Mexico -- despite the fact that he speaks no Spanish and was born in the United States. Back in the 80s, the film played as a comedy. Now, it could be a documentary.

Ways to prove your marriage isn't a fraud

When you married a U.S. citizen and took the first steps of your journey in your new Georgia community, you may have felt bubbly with joy and eager to lay a strong foundation for the family you and your partner hoped to have together. Life as a new immigrant in the United States can be quite challenging, to say the least. From learning to speak, read and write English fluently to adapting to new customs, it can evoke mixed emotions.

Immigration defense: What's an automatic stay of removal?

The threat of being torn from your family, sent out of the country and not being able to return to the United States again is terrifying. This is why many immigrants choose to defend themselves against the risk of deportation in court. An automatic stay of removal is one strategy that if successful, could provide a temporary postponement that prevents immigration authorities from removing the person.

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