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Immigration detention issues that may cause you concern

If you recently arrived in Georgia as an immigrant, you may still be struggling to adapt to your new lifestyle. Then again, perhaps you've lived and worked in this state for years now but still run into legal issues concerning your or a family member's status from time to time. If your household includes a member in an immigration detention center, you no doubt understand how greatly stressful and frightening such places can be.

In fact, in recent months, many immigrant advocates have spoken out against numerous problematic issues regarding U.S. immigration law, in particular those pertaining to detention and deportation. It is critical that you know your rights and where to seek support if a problem arises, whether you're here on a visa, have a green card or are undocumented at this time.

Families facing separation

Just about any topic related to immigration can spark debate in Georgia or elsewhere in the U.S. However, a particularly controversial topic has to do with Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents separating children from their parents or other adults who have accompanied them across borders. Not all juvenile immigration detention centers have time limitations as to how long they may detain children.

Number of detentions at highest level ever

As of 2017, ICE projected there are nearly 40,000 immigrants residing in detention centers on a daily basis throughout the nation. At the same time, ICE states that most people in detention pose no threat to public security and are not flight risks.

Problems in privately owned incarceration facilities

The majority of people in immigration detention are in jails that operate through private ownership. Such companies reportedly generate profit the higher their inmate population and the longer the inmates stay. As recent as 2016, data shows ICE even uses hotels as detention centers.

Claims of injustice

ICE stands by its statements that it considers inmate safety a high priority and thereby regularly inspects all of its detention facilities to ensure safe and healthy atmospheres for those incarcerated. Sadly, many reports suggest that not only may this not always be true, but many immigrants have suffered serious injuries -- in some cases, death -- due to neglect or abuse from detention officials.

If a detention problem arises

If an immigration officer takes you or a loved one into custody, you may feel tempted to resist arrest or to argue that you do not belong in detention; however, at the time, doing so may only make matters worse. It is always a good idea to cooperate and be respectful. It is also helpful to seek legal support so that someone well versed in U.S. immigration law can act on your behalf to try to rectify the problem.

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