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October 2018 Archives

A criminal conviction can put your immigration status in jeopardy

Many individuals tend to forget that being admitted to a foreign country is a privilege, not a right. This misconception leads many to engage in to engage in negligent or criminal behavior thinking there will be no consequence for them doing so. The truth is there are penalties though. Deportation is one of them.

Adapting to life as a Georgia immigrant

You may be one of many people in Georgia who thrive on change. Then again, you might be the type of person who gets comfortable in his or her surroundings and wants things to remain as much the same as possible for as long as possible. Most people would describe themselves as falling somewhere in between.  

Is resisting arrest a crime of moral turpitude?

These days, it can be difficult to know exactly how to avoid trouble with the law, especially when you are in the middle of an interaction with law enforcement officers. In some cases, reacting the wrong way can make matters much worse and result in criminal charges or deportation.

The immigrant vote could determine Georgia's governor

If you're wondering who is going to become the next governor of Georgia in November, you may be interested to know that a deciding factor could be the way immigrants vote. The race is close so far, slightly favoring Republican Brian Kemp over Democratic nominee Stacey Abrams.

What is Hague adoption?

When a family wishes to adopt internationally, they must generally work through the Hague adoption process. Until relatively recently, families could adopt either through Hague adoption or the orphan adoption process. However, most orphan adoption required filing the appropriate forms to adopt before April 1, 2008. Hague adoption is a uniform adoption process that aims to ensure that the best interests of parents and children remain protected during the complex journey of international adoption. While not all countries participate in Hague adoption, most countries do.

Working in the U.S.: Get the right visas

You love your job, and you've been able to rise to a high position in your country. Now, the company wants to see you move to America and take over a role there. It's a dream that was a long time coming, and now you just want to do everything you can to get the transfer and appropriate immigration documents together.

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