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US immigration detention facts that may impact your family

If you emigrated from another country to live and work in Georgia, you may have encountered several types of challenges along the way. Whether you're a business owner, a laborer or crossed a U.S. border in a dire situation without paperwork, you may have similar dreams and goals as hundreds of thousands of residents born and raised in the United States.  

While you may share similar experiences and opinions or customs with your American neighbors, it's also true that you may face certain fears or stressful situations regarding your legal status that your U.S.-born peers are not likely to face. For instance, you may worry that you or a loved one will be taken to an immigration detention center and forced to leave the United States. Thankfully, there are already support systems in place to assist you if that happens. 

Things to know about immigration detention in the U.S.      

There are hundreds of immigration detention facilities throughout the nation. The more you know about the topic, as well as what your rights are and how you can protect them, the less likely you will face an insurmountable obstacle. The following facts are good to know: 

  • Some immigration detention centers are government-run facilities. Private companies run other facilities. 
  • It can cost anywhere from $130 to more than $300 per day to sustain a facility that houses individuals or families.              
  • Not all detainees are undocumented immigrants. Even if you possess a green card, you could run into legal trouble that results in your detention. 
  • Immigration and Customs Enforcement detains approximately 400,000 people in U.S. immigration detention facilities every year. 

If you or your loved one lives in Georgia without benefit of legitimate legal status, your risks for detention are greater than those who possess visas. However, as mentioned earlier, many complicated situations occur that lead to legal residents facing removal or at least temporary detention until they are able to resolve their problems.  

What you can do  

If you or one of your immediate family members are taken into custody by Immigration Customs and Enforcement officers, it doesn't necessarily mean your removal process will end with you or your loved one having to leave the United States. If you try to remain calm and remember what your rights are, you can access support systems that are in place to help you try to avoid deportation. 

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