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July 2018 Archives

Georgia immigration board members accused of overstaying term

For months, Georgia has been a focal point for many stories that demonstrate the complex cultural and legal issues that affect immigration in the United States. Now, in a surprising turn of events, several members of the state's Immigration Enforcement Review Board are under fire for allegedly breaking laws by remaining on the board longer than the law stipulates.

US immigration detention facts that may impact your family

If you emigrated from another country to live and work in Georgia, you may have encountered several types of challenges along the way. Whether you're a business owner, a laborer or crossed a U.S. border in a dire situation without paperwork, you may have similar dreams and goals as hundreds of thousands of residents born and raised in the United States.  

Can you be a dual citizen of the United States?

You've likely always heard about becoming a dual citizen, which means that you hold citizenship in two countries. Many people seek dual citizenship between the United States and other countries. Before you do, you should recognize one interesting fact. That fact is that the United States doesn't formally recognize dual citizenship.

Cómo evitar problemas al inmigrarse en georgia

Inmigrar a Georgia u otra región de los Estados Unidos puede ser un proceso muy complicado y estresante. Ya sea que hayas tenido un sueño de construir una nueva vida en Estados Unidos durante décadas o que recientemente se haya convertido en parte de los objetivos y planes de tu vida, cuanto mejor entiendas la ley de inmigración de EE. UU., Menor será tu riesgo de tener problemas legales importantes.

Arrested or detained immigrants: Know your legal rights

Immigrants who find themselves detained or arrested by U.S. authorities have specific legal rights. However, these rights may change depending on where the arrest occurred. In the case of an arrest or detainment close to a border or at an airport, immigrants have fewer rights. If the arrest happens on the street, following a vehicle stop, at a residence or at work, immigrants will usually have more rights.

What is an investment visa?

Immigration in the United States comes in many forms, depending on the needs of the person applying for a visa and the justifications he or she provides for immigrating. In many cases, an immigrant comes to America for very specific investment or development purposes, which requires an investment visa.

Registering for Selective Service is your duty

Obtaining a visa or green card to live and work in the United States is quite an accomplishment. Many who begin the process become discouraged and give up on their dream, but you persevered, and now you are settled in the lovely state of Georgia. Much of your efforts to arrive here lawfully involved submitting the appropriate paperwork and meeting deadlines on time. Now there is one more step to take.

How can you come to the United States to work permanently?

If you're planning to come to the United States to work, it's important to make sure you have the right work visa. Every fiscal year, there are approximately 140,000 visas available to those from countries outside the United States.

Los cambios en las circunstancias podrían afectar su aplicación de asilo

Cuando tienes miedo por tu vida, tu cuerpo normalmente responde con una respuesta de lucha o huida. Esta respuesta significa cualquier que sea la circunstancia, esta permanecerá firme y tratará de protegerse mediante la lucha, o tratará de protegerse huyendo de la amenaza. En muchos casos, la última opción es la más adecuada, especialmente si enfrenta persecución en su país de origen.

The consequences of juvenile crimes on immigration status

Among the many limits imposed on immigrants to the United States are rules about criminal convictions. Crimes of moral turpitude -- which include just about anything illegal -- not only make an immigrant ineligible for a green card or citizenship, but they can result in deportation.

Immigration raids only account for some immigrant arrests

In recent months, every other day seems to feature headlines about aggressive tactics and legal questions surrounding the current role of the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency. The actions of ICE are front and center in the immigration debate going on in all parts of the country right now.

Buscando una green card para su cónyuge de mismo sexo

Al igual que muchas parejas, probablemente sintió mucho desaliento y ansiedad cuando Georgia se negó a levantar su prohibición de los matrimonios entre personas del mismo sexo. Usted y su pareja anhelaron los mismos beneficios que se ofrecen a las parejas de sexo opuesto, y es posible que haya sentido que nunca llegaría ese momento. Si su cónyuge no es un residente legal permanente de los EE. UU., seguro usted tuvo otra complicación. Su petición de un ajuste de estado a residente permanente legal de su pareja probablemente haya sido rechazada.

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