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U.S. work visa issue rates vary depending on type

According to the U.S. State Department, each year beginning on Oct. 1, the federal government issues as many as 140,000 employment visas for immigrants to come to this country. There are five classes of U.S. work visas.

E1 Visa

The Employment First Preference (E1) is reserved for priority workers and accounts for the largest amount of work-related visas that are awarded each year.

E2 Visa

Those who qualify for the Employment Second Preference (E2) visa account for at least 28.6 percent of those who receive work-related visas to immigrate to the U.S. every year. This class of visa is reserved for either those individuals with exceptional abilities or professionals who have advanced degrees in a particular field of interest.

E3 Visa

The Employment Third Preference (E3) Visa is awarded to 28.6 percent of applicants each year. Those who are eligible to apply for this type of visa include professionals holding at least bachelor's degrees in their field and skilled workers who've worked in their industry at least two years.

Unskilled workers that are capable of filling positions requiring less than two years of formal training in the field may also be eligible to apply for the E3 visa.

E4 Visa

Individuals who wish to come to the U.S. to work, yet lack special unique abilities, managerial experience or an academic background in their field of interest may also apply for the Employment Fourth Preference (E4) Special Immigrant Visa. A relatively small 7.1 percent of all applicants are ultimately issued this type of visa.

Those who qualify for it may include some Afghan and Iraqi nationals who aided the U.S. during each countries' respective wars, clergy members, journalists, those who work on the Panama Canal and foreign nationals who have served in the American armed forces. Individuals who hold foreign medical degrees or have retired from international organizations may also qualify.

E5 Visa

An additional type of visa, the Employment Fifth Preference (E5) one is reserved for those immigrants looking to start a business in the U.S. provided that it will create a certain amount of jobs for Americans to fill.

Applying for and ultimately receiving an employment visa is not a short nor simple process. In learning more about your work experience or academic credentials, a Norcross attorney can advise you of the prospect of you being awarded a visa to come work in the United States.

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