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Changes in circumstances could affect your asylum application

When you are in fear for your life, your body typically reverts to a fight or flight response. This response means that either you will stand your ground and attempt to protect yourself through fight, or you will try to protect yourself by fleeing from the threat. In many cases, the latter option is the more fitting, especially if you face persecution in your home country.

Individuals facing hostile treatment for certain reasons in their home countries may attempt to flee and gain asylum in the United States. Often, this protection can help save lives of people who would otherwise face considerable harm or even death if they remained in their native lands. Of course, obtaining asylum is no easy task, even with valid reason.

Timeframe for application

Just like with many other areas of immigration, if you hope to obtain asylum in Georgia or other parts of the country, you must complete the necessary application. After arrival in the United States, you must submit your asylum application within one year of your arrival in order to remain eligible. If you turn in your application after one year, you may lose your eligibility.

However, certain circumstances could allow you to maintain the necessary status even if you miss the one-year deadline. For instance, if you faced applicable changes in circumstances that led to your application delay or that otherwise affected your eligibility, you may still have the chance to apply within a reasonable amount of time after the deadline.

Changes in circumstances

If you do face changes in circumstances, you may want to make sure that they fall into categories accepted by the government as extraordinary or otherwise allowable. Some of those changes include:

  • Changes to U.S. immigration law
  • No longer being considered a dependent on another person's asylum application
  • Developing a serious illness or disability
  • Mental impairment

These examples represent only a few that could potentially affect your case. You may also want to remember that if you previously applied for asylum and the government denied your request, certain changes in circumstances could give cause for reapplying.

Gaining assistance

Knowing the right steps to take along the path toward asylum can prove difficult. If you do not have a working knowledge of U.S. immigration law, as most people do not, you may feel as if you have no idea how to reach your goal. Fortunately, you may utilize professional legal assistance from attorneys willing to advocate on your behalf.

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