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March 2018 Archives

Bringing foreign workers to the U.S. can be a tedious process

Some employers who look to hire from abroad may wish to have confidence in knowing that the person they look to invest their relocation and training resources into will be able to stay with them indefinitely if they want them to.

Sheriffs' offices throughout Georgia partnering with ICE

Immigrants without legal status now face greater danger of deportation in several counties in Georgia, after several sheriffs' offices throughout the state reached agreements to partner with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Floyd and Bartow counties will soon begin training to help ICE Investigate, detain and transport individuals who face deportation.

What could “merit-based” immigration mean for you?

The White House has been touting major immigration reforms for some time now, and there is a very real chance that the United States could soon see the largest change in immigration policy in nearly a century. As politicians push back and forth, one of the most commonly-used terms in the debate is "merit-based immigration".

Los beneficios y límites del estatus de protección temporal

Al igual que muchos en Georgia y en todo el país, es posible que esté escuchando noticias sobre cambios en el estado de protección temporal de ciudadanos extranjeros en los Estados Unidos. Si tiene el estado de TPS, puede estar especialmente preocupado y se preguntará qué significan los cambios para usted y sus seres queridos.

Asylum is there to protect refugees

You came to the United States intending to visit for a short time until you could return home. You thought that you could enjoy some time away from home and still go back when you finished vacation. During your stay, your country became violent and dangerous. You don't think you can go back without putting yourself and your family at risk of serious injury or death.

The benefits and limits of temporary protected status

Like many in Georgia and across the country, you may be hearing news reports about changes in the temporary protected status of foreign nationals in the United States. If you have TPS status, you may be especially concerned and wonder what the changes means for you and your loved ones.

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