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Why might my request for a United States tourist visa be denied?

Hundreds of thousands of foreign nationals apply to come to the United States as tourists every year. For many applicants, though, they receive a refusal citing a failure to meet requirements listed in section 214(b) of the U.S.' immigration policy.

If you've received a notice that your tourist visa application was denied, then it's likely you were unable to prove that you have intentions of returning to your home country after spending a short time in the United States. Some of the more surefire ways to ensure an application gets accepted is to demonstrate that you have a home, family, job or bank account in your native country that you have every intention of returning to.

Telling an immigration official about these different assets you have is not good enough, though. Instead, you'll need to bring copies of pay stubs, deeds to a property, bank records or even marriage and birth certificates for your loved ones to show what connections exist.

If you are romantically involved with an American or have close family members already residing in the U.S., then it can adversely impact your ability to prove that you're looking to come to the country temporarily.

Being able to demonstrate to a U.S. immigration officer that you have previously traveled abroad and have returned home is also helpful. Consular officials even recommend bringing an expired passport showing travel to other countries on a tourist visa as evidence of your trustworthiness.

Finally, you'll likely be asked to demonstrate that you have the necessary financial resources to adequately take care of yourself while here in the U.S. You'll need to show that you have legitimate plans as to where you're going to seek lodging or housing while here as well.

If you're planning on requesting a tourist visa to come to the United States, then you may benefit from first discussing your intentions of doing so with a Norcross, Georgia US immigration law attorney.

Source: U.S. Embassy & Consulate in Morocco, "Why was my visa refused?," accessed Jan. 05, 2018

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