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Get the green light for your green card

No matter what reasons you have for wanting to work and live in Georgia, you will likely face many challenges as you navigate the immigration process. The more you can learn about green card visas ahead of time, the less problems you may have along the way. The federal government oversees immigration throughout the nation. Your desire to obtain a green card may never materialize if you do not closely adhere to all regulations associated with the process.

There are certain things you want to make sure you do if you hope to gain entrance to the United States through the green card process. There are other things, however, you will want to avoid because not doing so may present legal problems or even land you behind bars.

Tips for de-stressing your green card application process

A key factor in successful green card application lies in your ability to clearly understand all instructions accompanying your request to enter and live in the United States. If you do not understand something on a form or something an immigration official says to you, it's always best to admit your confusion and ask for help. Not seeking support when needed may wind up complicating matters even further. The following list includes things you should and should not do when applying for a green card:

  • Make sure you attach all requested forms to your application. Also make sure you answer all questions and fill in all blanks necessary on your application. If you don't know an answer, find someone who can help you. It's never a good idea to simply skip over a section and leave it blank. In fact, immigration officials may refuse to process your application altogether if all sections are not properly filled out.
  • If you attend a visa interview of any kind, you may bring along an interpreter of your choice. If you have a significant language barrier, this option is highly recommended.
  • If you are re-attempting to enter the United States after officials denied a previous application, you may increase your chances for success by acting alongside experienced legal representation.
  • Things you do not want to do if you hope to avoid application problems include lying on a form, helping smuggle another person into the United States or committing any type of crime.

Even though a green card grants permission for you to live and work in Georgia indefinitely, there are situations that can place your status at risk. If you obtain a green card, it's best not to leave the United States for extended periods of time. You may lose your legal status if you stay away too long. Knowing your rights and where to seek support if needed can help you avoid trouble as time goes on.

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