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Can you be deported without committing a crime?

If you're an immigrant and fear that you may be deported, it may be one of the worst feelings you've ever had to face. Getting to America was a challenge for you, and losing your right to be here could be devastating.

Some people in Texas are particularly scared of deportation even though they shouldn't need to worry. These individuals, good citizens trying to do the right thing, shouldn't be investigated or even suspected of being in the country illegally. Despite that, they've had their information run even when they weren't suspects of crimes.

In 2007, one woman saw an accident take place. She stayed at the scene as a witness, but she was shocked when the officer checked on her background and citizenship. She saw another accident in 2012, and again, she had her background checked. The more insulting thing to her was that she is an American citizen and was born in Texas. Both times, she shouldn't have been investigated for any reason; she was there to be a witness.

She and other immigrants are wary of a new bill, Senate Bill 4 because of incidents like this. The new law could outlaw sanctuary cities and locations, which are areas of the country that don't enforce federal immigration laws.

It's believed that around 475,000 undocumented immigrants live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Families may have a variety of immigration statuses. Since the potential bill has caused such fear among these communities, many don't want to leave their homes and are afraid to drive. Getting caught without citizenship could mean deportation despite doing nothing wrong.

No matter why you're in the United States, you have a right to a trial and protections under the law. If you're worried about deportation, your attorney can help you better understand the law and where you stand.

Source: Star-Telegram, "Immigrants uneasy, police on hold as SB4 weighed in courts," Domingo Ramirez, Jr., Sep. 04, 2017

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