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Immigrants' job choices are changing

Studies have shown that immigrants are changing job trends in the United States. If you compare more recent immigrants to those from previous decades, there are some stark differences.

For example, the top job choice for new immigrants is in the medical field, working as doctors. The second most popular option is work as a software developer.

Immigrants considered to be "new" are those who came to the United States in the past half of a decade. The study came out in early 2017, so the numbers run back to just 2012.

The findings may not be surprising, but they can be when you look at the total immigrant population and the jobs they pursue most often. The top 10, in order, is as follows:

1. Sorters and graders of agricultural products.

2. Workers who address others' personal appearance.

3. Stucco masons and plasterers.

4. Workers who operate sewing machines.

5. Tapers, tile installers and drywall installers.

6. Agricultural employees.

7. Sewers, dressmakers and tailors.

8. Housekeepers, cleaners and maids.

9. Textile workers.

10. Chauffeurs and taxi drivers.

While there is nothing wrong with these careers, those who carried out the study did note that there has clearly been a focus on higher education in more recent years, as more and more immigrants are working in fields where a lot of education is needed. This change in trends can impact who comes to the United States and how they, in turn, impact the overall economy.

Regardless of the type of career you want to pursue, if you're attempting to immigrate to do it, be sure you know what legal steps to take.

Source: Forbes, "The Top 10 Jobs Among New Immigrants (And What They Show Us)," Karsten Strauss, accessed July 05, 2017

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