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Deportation fears intensified for parents of special needs kids

Living as an immigrant in the United States is not without its challenges, to be sure. Whether you're a documented or undocumented resident, if you and your family have been here more than a handful of years, you've likely encountered a situation or two that caused you anxiety or concern.

Immigrant parents in Georgia who have children with special needs may be among others throughout the nation in similar circumstances who suffer detainment worries for various reasons. Especially if you have not established a lawful resident status, if you're the parent of a child with cerebral palsy or another disabling condition, you may face double-the-challenge when it comes to providing the constant care your child's medical condition requires and balancing your decisions and actions with your efforts to avoid legal problems.

Immigrant parents often worry about these things

Raising children is often a rewarding, joyful, yet tremendously trying experience, even for the average person, not to mention if your child happens to need special attention and care in order to survive. Daily life and fulfilling children's basic needs are often wrought with additional struggle for immigrant parents who worry about the following:

  • The parents' undocumented statuses will be discovered as they seek medical assistance for their special needs' children.
  • No one would be available to care for their children if both mother and father are deported.
  • They would have to decide between taking their children with them upon removal or leaving them behind in the United States where there would likely be an increased chance of survival due to better medical care.
  • They also worry whether there is somewhere to turn for support to apply for lawful resident status, and whether that's a good idea in their particular situations.

Providing even the most basic supplies and needs to care for a disabled child is often quite expensive. This means that beyond the everyday worries and fears of deportation, many undocumented immigrant parents are also unfortunately facing financial stress and wonder where to turn for help. Many feel isolated, alone and overwhelmed in their situations.

Some choose to call upon immigration and naturalization attorneys for assistance. An attorney who understands U.S. immigration law and is experienced in providing guidance to undocumented residents can help a concerned parent explore whatever options might be available to avoid deportation risks and move toward a less stressful future that includes all care needed to help a special needs child obtain as high quality a life as possible.

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