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You can fight to stay in the country despite a deportable offense

You came to America when you were young, and it wasn't your choice to be here illegally. Despite that, you are. Now that you've gotten into trouble with the law, this is a serious problem.

There are some crimes that make you deportable, which means you could be sent back to a country you barely know. Because of this, it's vital that you talk to your attorney immediately. Here are a few things you need to know.

Is entering the country illegally a crime that makes you high priority for deportation?

If you entered the country after January 2014, then entering it illegally does make you a risk and a high priority case for deportation. You don't need to commit any other crimes for criminal deportation to take place.

What can you be deported for?

You can be deported for many things ranging from misdemeanors and petty theft to felonies like murder. If you are convicted for an aggravated felony, you'll face harsher penalties than others. Third offenses of any kind, whether they're for shoplifting or other misdemeanors result in aggravated felony charges that could force you out of the country.

I committed a crime in the past, does that matter to my case today?

Yes, in fact, if Congress enters a new offense to the list of those deportable by law, it's retroactive. That means that you can become deportable even if you already spent time in prison for the crime.

Aren't immigrants less dangerous than U.S. citizens?

Statistics show that first-generation immigrants do commit crimes at lower rates than American citizens, but that doesn't play a role in the challenges you face today. The laws are strict for those undocumented and in the country illegally.

Our website has more on this topic and what to do if you're facing deportation. There are ways to help you, so you can stay in the only country you've known.

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