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Is it safe to drive as an immigrant in Georgia?

Immigrants in Georgia face a particularly difficult dilemma right now, and there is no good way to know when it will end. In recent months, law enforcement in Georgia has begun to convert routine traffic stops into deportation procedures. While many parties oppose this practice and see it as grossly unfair treatment to immigrants, it is still happening, and may continue for the foreseeable future.

Many individuals who find themselves facing deportation are not necessarily the "Bad Hombre's" that the Trump administration claims it wants to weed out. Rather, they are often immigrants who break relatively minor laws like driving without a proper license. In many cases, these individuals get pulled over while driving for minimal offenses like driving too close to another driver or texting while driving, and then arrested and deported when they are found to have no proper license.

While the legality and morality of this treatment of immigrants is questionable at best, it is a very real threat that must be taken seriously. If you or someone you love is an immigrant who does not have proper documentation to drive, you must not drive. It is far wiser to ride with someone else who can drive legally. Unfortunately, the risk of arrest and deportation for any immigrant who does not have a proper driver's license is far too great. However, in some cases, even those who have a proper driver's license may face deportation if they have other marks on their criminal record. It is not a safe time to drive as an immigrant.

No matter what your circumstances may be, you need proper legal counsel and a passionate defense if you get into trouble with the law. Even if you have no problems now, things can turn bad very quickly. It is always wise to establish a relationship with an attorney who can help protect your rights before you need it. When trouble comes knocking at your driver's side window, you may only have a few minutes or hours to reach out for help.

Source: The Intercept, "Police in Georgia are turning traffic stops into the first step toward deportation," Amanda Sakuma, accessed June 07, 2017

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