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Where can I go if my life is in danger?

Many people come to the United States to visit family, to find work or for various other reasons. No matter what brought you to this country, if you are dreading the return to your homeland, you may feel that time here is precious. You are likely looking for a way to avoid returning to the place where you feel persecuted or abused.

Hundreds of thousands of people seek asylum in the United States when their lives or well-beings are in danger. In fact, pending asylum cases often overwhelm the U.S. immigration system, creating a long waiting period for those seeking refuge. However, your safety and the safety of your family may compel you to seek that protection anyway.

How do I seek asylum in the United States?

The first thing you have to do is to show that you will be in danger if you return to your country. Facts about past persecution or details about the abuse you will face is often enough to convince immigration officials. However, this is just the beginning of a long process that may include the following:

  • Immigration authorities will schedule a date for your hearing or interview.
  • You may receive authorization to work while you wait for your appointment.
  • If your current visa expires while you wait, or if you crossed the border seeking asylum, authorities may detain you during the asylum process.
  • If an immigration court denies your application, they may detain you while you appeal.

The process is long – sometimes taking years – and can be traumatic, especially since there is no guarantee that immigration courts will grant you asylum. Trying to navigate the process alone can be frustrating and confusing.

How do I find someone who can help me?

If you feel your life or well-being is in danger, you may worry about the day when you have to return to your country. Remaining in the United States may provide you with the security you need to live a productive life free from that fear. However, the process for seeking asylum is complicated and difficult to understand. Mistakes in the application process could be harmful to your cause.

For the best chance that your application process will go smoothly, you have the right to seek legal counsel. Having an attorney to assist you means you will have someone on your side who has knowledge and experience in immigration law and the workings of the system. You will also have an advocate who will help you in your attempt to overcome any barriers that threaten to prevent you from achieving asylum.

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