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Tips to make immigration go smoothly

Immigration is daunting and intimidating. You've read all about the ways that things can go wrong and how challenging it can be.

While this is a complex process, it doesn't have to be frightening, and it can go quite smoothly. Below are a few key tips that you can use to make sure that it does.

-- Always be on time.

No matter who you're meeting with, whether it's the court, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) or another office, be on time. Be early. Be prepared. Never miss a meeting. Plan in advance and give them top priority.

-- Understand that delays happen.

Many people are discouraged by delays, which makes the process more stressful than it has to be. Understand that there are going to be delays and things may not go as quickly as you hope. The right mindset helps a lot.

-- Know the immigration laws and always follow them.

Remember, even a minor violation can derail the process. Take all laws very seriously, no matter how you feel about them or how minor they seem.

-- Make copies of your paperwork and your application.

Unfortunately, the USCIS does lose paperwork. Applications are misplaced. Don't send your only copy. If they lose it, they don't have it. It may not matter that you feel like that's unfair -- and it very well may be unfair. They still don't have it. Keep copies so that someone does.

Most of all, do your research. Be sure that you understand every step in the immigration process and see through the myths. The time and effort you put in can help dramatically.

Source: FindLaw, "Top Ten Immigration Tips," accessed April 28, 2017

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