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Where can I go if my life is in danger?

Many people come to the United States to visit family, to find work or for various other reasons. No matter what brought you to this country, if you are dreading the return to your homeland, you may feel that time here is precious. You are likely looking for a way to avoid returning to the place where you feel persecuted or abused.

Even small charges can lead to deportation

It is often difficult for non-citizens living in the United States to get a firm grasp on what may or may not threaten their ability to remain here in the country. This can even vary from state to state, and in many cases, agencies that enforce immigration law become overzealous and may act to deport an individual unjustly. The truth is that the law surrounding immigration and criminal charges can be vague, but it is still the law, not a deck of Tarot cards or tea leaves to be read.

What are the types of asylum available?

If you are fleeing from harm in your home country and have already arrived in Georgia, it is possible to seek protection here so that you will not have to return to your home country and be put in danger. Of course, Georgia, and the country as a whole, is tightening its grip on immigration, so the process is not easy or guaranteed, and you must keep your criminal record absolutely clean if you want to avoid deportation. Still, there are ways to seek asylum protection within the United States.

The Child Citizenship Act of 2000: What it means to you

The Child Citizenship Act (CCA) was created in 2000 and makes it possible for those born in foreign countries to obtain U.S. citizenship automatically by fulfilling a number of conditions before the age of 18 so long as at least one of his or her parents is a U.S. citizen.

Status adjustment is difficult but worth it

If you hold a temporary, nonimmigrant status in the United States, you might consider becoming a permanent resident, or green card holder. Being a permanent resident opens many opportunities for you. You could live and work in the United States, and you will have the privilege of sponsoring family members who might wish to immigrate.

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