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March 2017 Archives

Immigrants dropping government assistance out of fear

Times continue to be very difficult for immigrants living in Georgia and the rest of the United States, as the Trump Administration's very public effort to crack down on immigrants throughout the country breed fear and confusion. Whether or not these stories are true, each day seem to bring another story of law enforcement exceeding the boundaries of the law, or at least marching right up to the boundary, in the effort to round up any and all immigrants that they can.

You can seek asylum in the United States

If you are already in the United States and cannot return or are unwilling to return to your home country, you may be able to seek asylum. You must have a well-founded fear of returning due to one of several factors. For example, if you feel you will be injured due to your race, persecuted due to your religion or could be hurt due to your social group, political opinion or nationality, then you have the right to seek asylum.

Crimes of moral turpitude: Immigrants need a strong defense

There are certain crimes that, if committed by a non-immigrant, are generally considered fairly minor from the legal standpoint. However, if an immigrant commits the same crime, it could be grounds for deportation. If you're an immigrant, this is what you should know.

Georgia woman claims she was wrongfully held for a month

Increased pressure on the part of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) may have lead to the unfair treatment of a Georgian woman who was held in detention for a month after being picked up in a nationwide raid. The raid focused on cracking down on immigrants, but its net may have been cast a bit too wide — at least one of the people it caught claims to be a lawful United States citizen.

Help! The U.S. government is threatening to deport me.

You work hard. You made a life for yourself and maybe your family, as well, here in the United States. Then, when you least expect it, the government informs you that it wants to deport (or remove) you. Before you pack your bags, you should understand your rights and options. You could benefit from some form of relief during the removal proceedings.

How does my non-American fiancé enter the country?

Falling in love might just be one of the best parts of life. When you decide to solidify that love by getting married, your attentions turn to planning the wedding of your dreams. You struggle with the same decisions everyone else does, but in your case, you also need to bring your non-American fiancé into the country. This adds another item to your list that will more than likely overshadow your other decisions.

Deportation damage: Children are collateral damage

It's something few people want to consider, but it happens every day. The parents of children are being deported, leaving their children in America while they're sent back to their home countries. What happens to these children, who are essentially victims of the United States immigration policies?

Parents can be deported, leaving children behind

When you read reports about deportations, they often focus on those being removed from the country and the reasons for that removal. What these reports don't always mention, at least not in depth, is that everyone in a family unit may not be deported at the same time. A parent can be picked up by authorities and sent away, while children are left behind.

New policies expand who may be detained and deported

Ever since the presidential election in November, immigrant communities have been on high-alert throughout the country wondering what the new administration's immigration policies will mean for them and their loved ones. Now, new policies are beginning to take shape, and many immigrants are facing the harsh reality that building a life here in Georgia and all throughout America is getting significantly more difficult.

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