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For many immigrants to the United States, finding an employer who can help them obtain an employment visa may seem like a golden ticket. Unfortunately, even for employers who want to offer an employment visa to an individual, the process is a complex one, and does not always come out the way the employer or the hopeful employee would like. Seeking a permanent employment-based immigration can be a frustrating process and can require a great deal of preparation.

Acquiring permanent residency through employment is limited in the United States -- very limited. In fact, only 140,000 individuals are granted permanent residency through employment each year. To make matters even more difficult, this figure includes not only the primary applicant, but also any legal dependents or spouses that may be moving with him or her.

The 140,000 available immigration visas are distributed across five categories. These include foreign investors or job-creators, immigrants with exceptional professional labor skills, outstanding academic immigrants (such as researchers in a STEM field), business executives and managers in multinational companies and other kinds of professional talent. Since there are only a relative few visas offered at a time, even very qualified candidates may not be granted the visa they are pursuing in any given year.

Furthermore, an employer must go through an arduous process of petitioning the government for a visa on behalf of the employee. This process can take time, and can face a number of setbacks, such as proving that there are no other qualified candidates in the relevant geographical area who are already citizens.

If you are an employer seeking to petition residency for a potential employee, or a non-resident hoping to be granted resident status, you most certainly want to enlist the guidance of an experienced attorney. This arduous process features many potential legal pitfalls, and must be navigated carefully in order to assure that the rights of all involved remain protected.

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