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December 2016 Archives

What immigration information must you provide police?

Many immigrants living in the U.S. are understandably nervous when stopped by law enforcement officials, regardless of their immigration status. It's essential to know what information you need to provide if you are stopped, as well as what your rights are to help prevent unnecessary problems.

Can you enter the United States with a criminal record?

You want to come into the United States to craft a new future for yourself and your family, but you have a criminal record. When you apply to come in legally, is that going to make it impossible? Does the United States have a standing order that bars anyone with a criminal record from entering, or can you still immigrate?

Trump changing his tone on immigration

For immigrants throughout the country, the world has been a much more frightening and unsure place for much of the last year, but especially since the election of Donald Trump for president. While there are still many concerns within in the immigrant community, there are also some indications that not all of the worrying rhetoric that populated Trump's campaign trail will become reality.

Guidance with Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals applications

Many U.S. laws regarding immigrants are perceived to be in jeopardy based on the things that President-elect Donald Trump said during his campaign. However, it's important to remember that for now, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program created by President Barack Obama in 2012 is still in effect.

Upgrading your status is not going to get you deported

Children are often brought into the United States illegally, and many of them either have no say in it or are too young to even realize what's happening. That is why president Barack Obama established the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival program back in 2012.

Metro Chamber pledges immigration support for new year

2016 has seen more than its share of conflict and frightening visions of the future for immigrants and other vulnerable demographics throughout America and right here in Georgia, and it is still difficult to make out what 2017 might hold. There are, however, some small silver linings for those living Georgia, or at least in the Atlanta area. The Metro Atlanta Chamber has recently announced their intentions to advocate on the side of immigrants and protected classes in the upcoming year, despite what feels like a chilly sea change in the public mindset.

Do immigrants commit more crimes than native people?

Experts warn that it's dangerous to craft immigration laws on a basis of fear, rather than facts. They note that this can happen, as immigrants are sometimes painted as likely criminals and laws get voted in because people believe they're helping to keep crime down.

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