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September 2016 Archives

DACA enrollees sue Georgia colleges over admission policies

The federal government has sole authority over immigration law. Unfortunately, that has not stopped Georgia and some other states from enacting harsh anti-immigrant policies. Now, some brave young adults are suing the state's top public universities over what they allege are unfair admissions practices based on their immigration status.

U.S. immigration law addresses workplace discrimination

In Georgia and throughout the United States, there are specific laws governing matters involving discrimination in the workplace. Many have sought clarification on how U.S. immigration law might affect particular situations. Recently, the Department of Justice took steps to make it easier for immigrants to seek help when needed.

Some say U.S. immigration law should change to help children

Standing in a Georgia courtroom defending one's right to live in the United States would undoubtedly be a stressful experience for most people. One can only imagine how much more distressing such circumstances would seem to a child of minor age. A current raging debate regarding U.S. immigration law and how it pertains to children has led advocates to call upon the government for change.

Options for Georgia immigrants who need criminal defense

Thousands of people in Georgia and across the nation have immigrated here from other countries. Many of them have fled violent circumstances or extreme poverty and have come to the United States in search of better lives. Dreams for a successful future may come to a screeching halt if an immigrant is arrested and taken to jail. Many who have been in such situations have said they immediately fear deportation when incidents like this occur. Immigrants are advised to seek clarification of the laws and regulations that govern such matters ahead of time so they will be aware of criminal defense options should a need arise.

Man turns immigration detention release into profitable business

Many people who come to live in Georgia from abroad are instead taken into federal custody. Immigration detention centers are filled with those whose eligibility to reside in the United States has been called into question. Often, immigrants are granted release by bond while they await proceedings to determine whether they will be deported.

Georgia businesses often affected by employment immigration laws

There are several immigration issues that may impact various Georgia business owners and their employees. Particularly with regard to employment immigration laws, employers will want to update themselves on recent U.S. Supreme Court rulings. Issues pertaining to the I-9 form and other work-related immigration matters are hot topics that affect many foreign born workers in the United States.

The new immigrants: Foreign-born and tech-savvy

Silicon Valley is benefitting from educated and tech-savvy entrepreneurs and the government is taking notice. Citing a need for more innovative people who can help develop unique companies, and thereby stimulate the economy, the United States Customs and Immigration Service (USCIS), has proposed a change to the current immigration laws.

U.S. immigration law allows sponsors to help refugee children

Throughout Georgia and in many other states, there has reportedly been a steady influx of undocumented refugee children over the past several years. Some say this has created an outright political and humanitarian crisis in the nation. U.S. immigration law allows some people to act as sponsors for these children, although the process is typically a lengthy one, sometimes taking months or even years.

Faith groups protest outside immigration detention center

In Georgia and other states, many women and children are being detained after crossing the borders of United States, seeking asylum. One particular immigration detention center in another state is said to be full of mothers and children who followed all the rules set before them to request asylum; however, instead of receiving the help they needed, they were locked up and detained. Groups of people from varying faith backgrounds recently gathered to protest this situation.

The importance of seeking clarification of U.S. immigration law

Hundreds of thousands of immigrants reside in Georgia and other states across the nation. For many, especially those for whom language poses a barrier, understanding U.S. immigration law may seem a daunting task. There are a number of reasons, however, why seeking clarification may be crucial toward an immigrant's ability to pursue a successful life in the United States.

Georgia immigration law not working for anyone

Despite what many people may think, the majority of illegal (or undocumented) immigrants have jobs and earn a living for their families. They are industrious, and take jobs many Americans find menial. These jobs include being cooks, gardeners, janitors, and migrant farm workers. Georgia law HB 47 was enacted to help the state get rid of illegal immigrants. But is it a good idea?

Where to find guidance resources regarding U.S. Immigration Law

Many families in Georgia and other states across the nation face tremendous challenges regarding family-based visas and other immigration-related issues. U.S. immigration law is often complex and confusing, especially for those who struggle to understand the English language. There are resources available that may help alleviate stress when seeking answers to immigration questions.

Many have faced immigration detention problems in Georgia

Hundreds of thousands of immigrants come to the United States in search of safer, better lives for themselves and their families. Over the past several years, claims have been made that many people in immigration detention centers in Georgia and other states have suffered grave injustices from officials in whose custody they were placed. From poor sanitary conditions to allegations of actual physical abuse, many immigrants have uttered cries for help; some have even staged hunger strikes in protest of unfair treatment.

Privatization of immigration detention challenged

Throughout the nation, a debate about laws and protocols pertaining to detained immigrants is ongoing. This immigration detention issue may impact a number of families in Georgia. Immigration advocates have been very vocal about their opinions on the matter, arguing that immediate change is needed because the current system is unfair toward many detainees.

Shackle restraints questioned in immigration detention hearings

Under current protocol, a Georgia immigrant facing criminal charges may be brought into the courtroom wearing shackles. However, some have questioned the need to do so in court appearances where an immigrant has not been criminally charged. Immigration advocates argue that it is unfair to treat people being held in immigration detention centers as though they are hardened criminals.

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