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August 2016 Archives

Asians facing employment immigration challenges

Many Georgia immigrants left their native countries on other continents in search of better lives for themselves and their families. However, many others are yet unable to come to the United States due to delays regarding employment immigration. Current data indicates that people in Asia appear to have longer waits than others when it comes to their green card applications.

Court hears first immigration detention case of its kind

A situation has developed in a state outside Georgia involving an immigrant and her 9-year-old son. The pair is said to have fled their native land in fear of persecution. What happened once they entered the United States, however, has become the subject of a lawsuit filed against the U.S. government regarding immigration detention.

Where to seek criminal defense help as a Georgia immigrant

Some Georgia immigrants have green cards or other legal statuses, while others are undocumented. No matter the circumstance, being accused of a crime as an immigrant may present complex challenges. In such situations, it is often helpful to seek immediate criminal defense assistance, especially for those facing language barrier issues in addition to their immigration problems.

Some Olympic athletes very familiar with U.S. Immigration Law

Millions worldwide, including many in Georgia, have been enjoying the competitions of the 2016 Summer Olympics. The United States team is comprised of many high-ranking athletes, some of whom came to the nation through U.S. immigration law processes. In fact, one Albanian-born female athlete said she sought asylum in 1999 and became a naturalized citizen 13 years later.

Mothers refuse to eat in protest of immigration detention

More than 20 mothers have begun a hunger strike to protest a situation at a detainment facility outside of Georgia. The women have claimed they left their homelands to escape violence and corruption. Since coming to the United States, the mothers say their families have been locked up in an immigration detention center and threatened by official personnel.

Addressing fears regarding immigration detention in Georgia

Many Georgia residents are immigrants who came to the United States from foreign lands. Current data suggests the immigrant population is an integral part of the workforce, tax revenue and purchasing power in the state. However, many say they live in fear of immigration detention and other issues related to their resident statuses.

Immigration detention raids called into question

Earlier in 2016, at least 100 female and child immigrants were detained in the United States. All involved were said to have crossed the nation's borders from Central America. Since then, a lawsuit has been filed in Georgia against the federal government concerning certain documents that pertain to the government raids that sent these people to immigration detention.

Where to find help regarding child citizenship issues in Georgia

In 2000, a law was enacted whereby children who are adopted from other countries and brought to the United States automatically become naturalized citizens. Known as the Child Citizenship Act, the law eliminated the need for foreign-born persons who have been adopted by parents in the United States to submit applications for citizenship. Certain stipulations apply in order to be eligible for automatic naturalization regardless of whether a family plans to reside in Georgia or another state.

Some in Georgia may be affected by U.S. Immigration Law situation

Some say there have been recent incidents that appear to be matters of discrimination against African immigrants. The U.S. immigration law situations may be affecting some Georgia families. Apparently, the incidents involved nearly 100 immigrants who were repatriated after requesting safe asylum on U.S. soil.

Considering visa options in employment immigration in Georgia

There are various types of employment-based visas, each typically having its own set of eligibility requirements. Many employers and workers in Georgia have faced employment immigration issues regarding such matters. Seeking clarification of U.S. immigration law is one means toward obtaining positive solutions to immigration work problems.

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