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Who qualifies for employment immigration status EB-1?


Each year, a certain number of people are allowed into the United States based on their work, including some who wish to live here in Georgia. Some of them might qualify for an EB-1 visa, which means that they were given first preference to remain in the country. This employment immigration status has strict criteria that must be met by the individuals seeking this status.

Some applicants for this visa have a well-documented extraordinary ability. If an applicant received an honor that is known worldwide, such as an Olympic Gold medal, a Nobel prize or a Pulitzer, he or she could receive an EB-1 visa. Without such an esteemed accolade, the applicant will need to meet a minimum of three out of 10 criteria for this category. This classification does not require an offer of employment from a United States company prior to receipt of the visa.


Many of the country’s universities and colleges hire outstanding academic minds to teach at their institutions. Teaching or academic research experience is required to qualify for an EB-1 visa. At least two of the qualifying criteria must also be met. Furthermore, unlike the extraordinary ability category, the academic institution must have made a verifiable offer of employment.

Many companies based here in the United States have executive level personnel who work in their foreign locations. These individuals might also qualify for an EB-1 visa if they meet the minimum qualifications. The company must be the one to petition for the visa in this case.

Companies here in Georgia might look outside this country’s borders for people who qualify for employment immigration visas. If you believe that you fall into one of these three categories, or your company wishes to bring you into the country, it would be beneficial to seek the counsel of an immigration attorney. The process can be complex, and it would not be advisable to risk being denied an EB-1 visa based on an error.

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