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The Asylum Interview: What to expect


Immigrants who have decided to settle here in Georgia will still need to go through certain steps in order to remain in the United States. For those who are seeking asylum due to a fear of some type of persecution in their country of origin, an interview will be required prior to being given the right to remain here in the United States. In order to avoid anxiety, stress and further delays, it would be beneficial to have some understanding of what to expect.

The timely filing of an I-589 petition for asylum will be the guiding documentation for the interview. A copy of the form, any material submitted with it and any additional pertinent documentation needs to be taken to the interview. It will also be necessary to bring identification (such as a passport), along with original documents, such as birth certificates and marriage licenses, among others. Those who do not yet speak English will need to bring an interpreter as well, and any documents in another language will need to be accompanied by translations.


Individuals may also bring an attorney to their interviews. The information on the I-589 will be verified, along with the person’s identity. The events that led to the request for asylum will need to be discussed, along with any potential issues that could bar an individual from being allowed to stay in the country. He or she will have the opportunity to clarify any statements prior to leaving since a decision will not be made at the time of the interview.

This is just some of what to expect during an asylum interview. Considering the importance of the interview, it would be beneficial to be represented by Georgia counsel who can help you with the paperwork and help prepare you for the interview. No one should have to return to a country to be persecuted, and a mishap during the process could cost you the chance for freedom.

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