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July 2016 Archives

Some say young man has been in immigration detention far too long

A young man crossed the borders into the United States when he was still a child of minor age. He was apparently fleeing a violent situation in his native land. Events unfolded in January 2016 that led to him being placed in an immigration detention facility in Georgia, and many say he has been there far too long and should be permitted to return to his home in another state.

Deaths in immigration detention centers may be due to poor care

Migrant families in Georgia and other states may find themselves facing challenges associated with one or more family members being detained. Immigration detention centers in many areas are full, and some say substandard care has become problematic in more than one facility. In fact, several deaths have recently occurred that have been linked to possible negligence by detention center officials.

Understanding U.S. immigration law in Georgia

Many immigrants come to Georgia to live after suffering from violence or extreme poverty in their native lands. Due to language barriers and other challenges, some may struggle in their attempt to adjust to new life in the United States. When complications arise regarding visas, employment issues or other U.S. immigration law issues, some may find it necessary to seek experienced guidance in order to obtain solutions.

5 things to consider when bringing a family member to the USA

If you or your parents immigrated to the United States, chances are you left behind close family members in your country of origin. While phone calls and video chats are a great way to keep in touch, most people ultimately try to bring their loved one to join them in the United States as a permanent resident or citizen.

Many Georgia families threatened by immigration detention

The thought of fighting against removal proceedings may seem daunting to many Georgia immigrants. Countless families have been threatened by immigration detention, causing them to fear being torn apart from loved ones. Those facing such circumstances are challenged in many ways, and they often need experienced guidance from immigration and naturalization law attorneys.

Some say U.S. Immigration Law antiquated

The debates surrounding immigration and naturalization policies in the United States remain ongoing and often contentious. Many say that U.S. immigration law in Georgia and throughout the nation is outdated and in great need of reform. It has been suggested that the reality of the border and the nation's immigration policies are not appropriately aligned.

Immigration detention problems apparent in Georgia and beyond

Hunger strikes and class action lawsuits are among recent reactions to apparent atrocities experienced by many immigrants detained in Georgia and other states. A class action claim has been filed against U.S. Customs and Border Protection regarding allegedly filthy conditions in immigration detention centers. A border patrol's treatment of immigrants in its custody has also been called into question.

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