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Georgia families often affected by immigration detention

Throughout the United States, thousands of families have taken up residence in search of better lives. They hail from a variety of foreign lands, many claiming to have fled those countries in order to escape violence, poverty and persecution. In Georgia and beyond, legal challenges have arisen for many non-documented families due to immigration detention and threatened deportation.

Apparently, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security previously used "general deterrence" as a reason to detain entire families of immigrants without legal statuses. Reportedly, more than 80 percent of such families are often able to prove that their requests for asylum were based on substantiated needs. In 2014, a federal judge blocked the department from using future deterrence as a valid reason for detention. Advocates from the American Civil Liberties Union are said to have lobbied against the current administration to put an end to what it says are unjust detention practices.

Many of the families seeking asylum who have been detained are originally from Central American regions. Prolific accounts of abuse toward women and sexual assaults of young girls have been given by those who came to the United States seeking help but were locked in detention centers and now fear being forced to return to homelands they consider dangerous. Some say the administration should help these families rather than focusing on trying to prevent future migrations from Central American countries.

Any person in Georgia whose life has been adversely affected by immigration detention and is in need of legal help may contact an immigration and naturalization attorney for assistance. An experienced immigration lawyer possesses a clear understanding the law and can help determine which options might be available in a given situation. An attorney also understands the intensely personal nature of such situations and may be able to help immigrant families accomplish their immediate and long-term goals.

Source: aclu.org, "Family Detention", Accessed on May 6, 2016

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