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May 2016 Archives

Immigration detention debate rages on in Georgia

Georgia is among many states where politicians, private citizens and others continue to debate immigration topics in the Unites States. At the top of the list is immigration detention and potential deportation of thousands of immigrants. The White House defended its policies on a recent Friday afternoon.

Crime victims may qualify for a U visa

If you have been the victim of physical or mental abuse as an immigrant, you are not alone. Each year, a large number of undocumented immigrants are subjected to this type of abuse in the United States. Additionally, there are unscrupulous individuals and organizations out there that may take advantage of your immigration status to victimize you. However, due to your status, you may be reluctant to seek help from the police because you fear deportation.

Important factors regarding employment immigration in Georgia

Hundreds of thousands of immigrants continue to flock to the United States in search of better lives for themselves and their families. Many Georgia immigrants say they were fleeing war-torn homelands, extreme poverty and imminent threats of violence. Every person's situation is different, and complications often develop regarding legal status, employment immigration and other issues pertaining to green cards, visas and various legal documents.

Seeking answers regarding U.S. Immigration Law in Georgia

Many immigrants have left their homelands in search of better lives in the United States. Some of them have settled in Georgia. Adapting to life in a new country is definitely not without its challenges. U.S. immigration law is often complex and difficult to understand for those with no legal background or others who may face language barriers.

Addressing concerns about child citizenship programs in Georgia

Children born far away from Georgia in lands beyond the borders of the United States often become U.S. citizens automatically under certain conditions. Typically, child citizenship applies to those under the age of 18 who have at least one parent who is a citizen of the United States. Particular regulations apply for children who are adopted, rather than born into families.

Georgia families often affected by immigration detention

Throughout the United States, thousands of families have taken up residence in search of better lives. They hail from a variety of foreign lands, many claiming to have fled those countries in order to escape violence, poverty and persecution. In Georgia and beyond, legal challenges have arisen for many non-documented families due to immigration detention and threatened deportation.

U.S. Immigration Law and privilege to drive in Georgia

Georgia, like many other states, is home to thousands of people who have come across United States borders to escape abject poverty, violence and oppression in their native lands. Various aspects of U.S. Immigration Law are complicated, thus sometimes making the adjustment to living in a new place personally and legally challenging. There are certain topics that have repeatedly made the news in recent times, including whether undocumented immigrants should be allowed to apply for restricted driving privileges.

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