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Problems involved with some employment immigration programs

 "EB-3" is part of a program designed to help workers apply for permanent residence statuses based on employment in the United States. Apparently, there are some issues of which prospective clients should be aware when using this form of employment immigration in Georgia or elsewhere in the country. Many immigrants have been charged illicit fees and sent through the system with applications that were not filed according to the applicable laws and regulations.

Typically, the EB-3 visa can be used for skilled, professional and other workers if they meet certain experience and training requirements.  An existing full-time, permanent job offer is required for eligibility. Many who use EB-3 seem to do so because the requirements are less stringent; yet, there also seems to be a tremendously long waiting period for those registered in the "other workers" section of the application process.

Immigrant workers will want to be on the lookout for signs of potential fraud. If the worker has been requested to pay legal, administrative or advertising fees, an applicant should be wary. An employer is required to cover such expenses, not the worker. A worker should also be concerned if the strict protocol and eligibility requirements necessary to submit an EB-3 application have not been followed.

Obviously, many EB-3 applications are valid and help foreign workers obtain permission for permanent residency based on employment. Anyone in Georgia with questions or concerns about employment immigration and whether a particular application request is valid may seek answers by consulting with an immigration and naturalization attorney. Because many such situations affect entire families, it is best to gain clarification of the laws before taking formal action in the process.

Source: natlawreview.com, "Permanent Residency Through EB-3 Program: What's Lawful and What's Not", Kate Kalmykov, April 16, 2016

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