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Criminal defense assistance available in Georgia

Millions of motorists share roadways in Georgia and throughout the nation. It is assumed that all those operating motor vehicles in the state posses valid driving licenses. Legal challenges may arise for anyone stopped by police who is unable to show proper license information. Where undocumented immigrants are concerned, this may lead to accusations involving violations of U.S. Immigration Laws, necessitating the preparation and presentation of a criminal defense.

One 44-year-old man recently stated that he uses a van to haul supplies for his construction business. The man lives in fear, afraid that he'll end up facing immigration charges if he's caught driving without a license. As an undocumented immigrant with four children and a wife, he relies on his van to make a living to provide for his family.

Anyone convicted four times of driving without a valid license in Georgia is charged with a felony. The man said that each time he gets behind the wheel, he is afraid of being pulled over because he already has three strikes against him. One more could mean that he'll face immigration charges in addition to a felony in criminal court. He also said he has been working hard in the United States to earn an income to support his family for the past 16 years but would not have been able to do so without driving.

Immigration advocates say the process is becoming criminalized in Georgia and throughout the nation. Being accused of a crime that would necessitate a criminal defense, such as an aggravated felony, may place an immigrant in danger of deportation if a conviction is handed down. No matter the circumstances, any immigrant facing such legal challenges or searching for answers regarding U.S. immigration law and possible deportation, can contact an immigration and naturalization attorney for assistance.

Source: The Huffington Post, "Georgia Driver's License Law Aimed At Undocumented Immigrants Disproportionately Hits People Of Color", Elise Foley, March 23, 2016

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