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March 2016 Archives

Three tips for getting through the visa interview.

If you are applying for a family-based visa, it can be an intimidating experience. Whether you are asking for a fiancé or marriage visa, the process involves an extensive application process as well as a biometric interview. To add to this exhausting application process, there is the visa interview. This may cause you a lot of stress, as the United States government is essentially asking you to prove that your relationship to your loved one is genuine.

Criminal defense assistance available in Georgia

Millions of motorists share roadways in Georgia and throughout the nation. It is assumed that all those operating motor vehicles in the state posses valid driving licenses. Legal challenges may arise for anyone stopped by police who is unable to show proper license information. Where undocumented immigrants are concerned, this may lead to accusations involving violations of U.S. Immigration Laws, necessitating the preparation and presentation of a criminal defense.

U.S. immigration law re substantive due process in court

Federal law determines a person's legal rights, duties and obligations as an immigrant in the United States. U.S. immigration law also provides necessary means by which an undocumented person in Georgia or elsewhere can become a naturalized citizen. A recent debate is centered on undocumented immigrant children and whether they are entitled to assistance from attorneys when facing the court.

U.S. Immigration Law regarding children and parental rights

Living as an immigrant in Georgia or elsewhere is not without its challenges. U.S. immigration law can be quite complex and difficult to understand, especially when a language barrier is present. With regard to parental rights and issues involving children, those concerned may want to seek legal guidance in the matter to determine how best to proceed to resolve a problem.

Regulations governing child citizenship in Georgia and beyond

In 2000, a law was enacted that directly affected many foreign-born children now residing in Georgia who did not attain citizenship when they were born overseas. The Child Citizenship Act makes it possible for these children to acquire U.S. citizenship if certain requirements and conditions are met. One of those conditions is that at least one of the child's parents must be a U.S. citizen by birth or naturalization.

Children in immigration detention center allegedly neglected

There are various reasons why an immigrant in Georgia may be placed in one of many detention centers in the nation. Sometimes, authorities claim that someone has arrived in the country without proper authorization. Others are supposedly suspected of visa violations. Regardless of the reasons for being held, it is terrible to think that children may be being neglected in certain immigration detention centers.

Restaurant workers fired re employment immigration issue

Issues surrounding upgrades in screening processes used by employers in Georgia and other states to verify the legal statuses of workers has led to many workers facing legal challenges in the restaurant industry. A recent incident in another state involved at least 30 workers who were apparently abruptly terminated from their positions. A stricter employment immigration screening process reportedly had something to do with it.

U.S. immigration law presents challenges for some in Georgia

Many Georgia immigrants face various legal challenges regarding any number of situations pertaining to life in the United States. Under current U.S. immigration law, some immigrants are threatened with deportation. This can bring tremendous stress upon an entire family, especially when the person in question is the main breadwinner.

Immigration detention deaths blamed on inadequate medical care

A coalition group that advocates on the behalf of immigrants recently reported an ongoing problem in many of the nation's detention centers. Apparently, inadequate medical care remains problematic in many immigration detention facilities outside of Georgia. Some claim this has led to an increase of in-custody deaths.

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