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Georgia detention center being run like a prison

Detainees of a privately run Georgia detention center are speaking out against the unfair treatment and poor conditions they endure during their time detained. After a protest last month in which guards used non-lethal force to control detainees, the Huffington Post reports that immigrant detainees feel that the facility is run more like a maximum security prison than a detention center.

Detainees of the Stewart Detention Center have reported that while detained at the facility they are made to eat meals of mostly potatoes and have been locked up for sometimes 20 plus hours a day. Solitary confinement is a normal part of the detainees' stay and has been handed out as a punishment for simply asking questions.

These concerns are being made public coming off a protest last month in which non-lethal projectiles were used to control detainees, and the center was put into lockdown for several days. While the actual cause of the protest is still unknown, detainees report that it was a result of threats of solitary confinement being made during a meal. The center's spokesperson and ICE authorities report that the disturbance was a result of high profile detainees wanting the facility in lockdown for reasons unknown.

Regardless of the protest or its cause, one concern still remains. Immigrant detainees are being held in facilities like this one for extended periods of time and are enduring substandard conditions and poor treatment. While authorities claim detainees of the Georgia detention center are not being treated any different than detainees of other centers, it is still alarming that a detention center is being run like a prison.

For immigrants that may be facing extended detention after release from jail, speaking to an immigration attorney may help. Having representation may help keep individuals safe from the poor treatment and conditions of detention centers.

Source: Huffington Post, "Undocumented Immigrants Decry Solitary Confinement At Georgia Detention Center," Roque Planas, Oct. 14, 2015

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