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June 2015 Archives

What non-citizens should do if detained by the police

Here's a bit of advice you probably thought you'd never hear from an attorney in a million years: stay in jail. While that may be counter to everything you've ever heard, for illegal immigrants, staying in jail may be the best course of action. Here's why: there are a host of offenses for which the federal government can deport an immigrant. You may think you've won your freedom when they release you, but members of ICE could be waiting to take you into custody, where you could be held for months and then deported. For many, that could mean being separated from family members and loved ones, perhaps for years at a time.

How to handle complicated U.S. immigration issues

The United States is a beautiful land of opportunity for millions of immigrants and has been since its inception. Some come here looking to get away from an oppressive regime. Others come to get away from abject poverty in their own country in the hope for a better life here. Whatever the reason, many immigrants have fulfilled their dreams in America and have made this country their home.

Can I get a green card?

Getting a green card in the United States is the dream of many immigrants because it grants permanent residence status and all the benefits and responsibilities that go along with being a resident. This includes finding legal work, starting a business, getting a driver's license and buying a house. But the U.S. government doesn't grant this permanent residency status to just anyone and has a set number of green cards it issues per year.

How does the Child Citizenship Act affect adopted children?

Adopting a child from another country can be one of the most rewarding things life offers, for both the adopters and the adoptee. The child gets a chance at a new life, often escaping abject poverty or oppressive regimes to have a shot at a loving family and a good education. The adoptive parents get the pleasure and fulfillment that comes with raising a child in an atmosphere of love.

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