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Grounds for denaturalization

Immigrants who go through the process of naturalization to become U.S. citizens could lose their citizenship through denaturalization. Without citizenship, the immigrants may be removed from the country. Immigrants living in Georgia might want to be aware of the grounds for which their citizenship could be revoked.

One cause for denaturalization is the concealment or falsification of facts throughout the application process, including in the paperwork and interview. For instance, immigrants cannot lie about their names or identities and cannot hide any criminal activity in which they are or have been involved. If the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service does not initially catch on to omissions or lies, it could file an action to revoke citizenship after it is granted.

Immigrants who have become citizens by serving in the military could have their U.S. citizenship revoked if they become dishonorably discharged prior to five years of service. Dishonorable discharge has to follow a court martial and results from behavior such as sexual assault and desertion.

Naturalized citizens whom the government proves have joined subversive organizations less than five years after being granted citizenship can be denaturalized. Joining these types of organizations, such as Al Qaeda and the Nazi Party, is a breach of the oath of allegiance that immigrants must make to earn citizenship. During an investigation of their alleged participation in subversive acts, naturalized citizens can be denaturalized if they refuse to testify in front of Congress, whether or not their involvement is proven. This requirement expires after naturalized individuals maintain citizenship for 10 years.

When the citizenship of naturalized citizens is taken away, the individuals have the option to appeal the decision if legal errors might have occurred in the lower courts. They could ask immigration lawyers to represent them throughout the appeals process.

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