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February 2015 Archives

Detention of asylum seekers temporarily halted

Georgia residents interested in immigration issues may know that a Washington, D.C., court ordered that the Immigration and Enforcement agency detention of children and their mothers seeking asylum be halted. The policy is supported by the current administration and was put into effect by a presidential executive order.

Misleading and fraudulent immigration schemes

Georgia residents are likely aware that to live and work legally in the United States is an aspiration shared by countless people around the world. The road to becoming a permanent resident or citizen of the U.S. is often a long and frustrating one, and it is not uncommon for those taking this path to become the victims of schemes that promise a great deal but deliver very little. The USCIS advises those with immigration issues to deal only with attorneys or recognized organizations, but this has not stopped a number of unhelpful or fraudulent schemes from cropping up.

Child Citizenship Act provisions

Georgia residents who are interested in adoption and child immigration may want to learn more about the Child Citizenship Act of 2000. Through this act, foreign-born, biological and adopted children of American citizens may be able to get American citizenship automatically, even though they did not have it at birth. When they enter the U.S. with lawful permanent residence (LPR), they are granted citizenship.

Immigrants face delays in court hearings

Georgia residents are likely aware that immigration has been a top political issue in the past several years. The issue may spend even more time in the spotlight as thousands of cases have been delayed until 2019. Delaying immigration hearings could result in many people being deported due to issues with dated evidence. Other issues could arise for children who become adults before their parents can become citizens.

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