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December 2014 Archives

An overview of refugee admissions

Georgia residents who are interested in immigration matters may wonder about refugee status and the process for individuals to obtain such status. According to immigration law, a refugee is defined as an individual who is located outside of the country and whose humanitarian condition is of concern to the U.S. A prospective refugee must also be able to demonstrate a fear of persecution or the actual occurrence of persecution for reasons related to political opinion, social status, race, nationality or religion.

Understanding the Immediate Relative Process for adopted children

Georgia residents who are dealing with child immigration issues may be interested in an alternative method for bringing an adopted child into the U.S. If the requirements are met, this could allow the child to gain permanent residency when brought into the country by an adoptive parent.

An overview of naturalization after military service

An individual who has served honorably in a branch of the United States military might be eligible to become a citizen based on that service. The U.S. Army, Coast Guard, Air Force, and Marine Corps are among the branches considered. Additionally, some who have served in the National Guard or in the Ready Reserve may be eligible for naturalization.

What are the different ways to obtain asylum?

The affirmative and the defensive process are the two ways to obtain asylum in the United States. One of the main differences is that the affirmative process is initiated by the defendant while the defensive process begins once an individual is in danger of deportation. Specifically, the individual is in removal proceedings after being stopped at a port or border or apprehended in the United States.

How is deportation affected by the recent executive action?

A recent series of executive orders has substantially changed certain aspects of the process of deportation from Georgia and around the country. These executive orders, announced by President Obama on Nov. 20, 2014, are expected to be substantially implemented by the affected agencies during the year 2015.

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