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July 2014 Archives

College graduate may be unable to stay in U.S.

A Brazilian woman who graduated from a college in the United States and now lives in Georgia may be facing deportation in the near future. When she began college, she receive an F-1 student visa which allowed her to study in the U.S. After graduating this May, she obtained an extension which enables her to work in the United States. The woman is currently employed at a travel agency in Buckhead, but if she cannot find a sponsor to help her get an H-1B visa by next May, she may be forced to move back to Brazil.

How to distinguish between an immigrant and a refugee

The people from Central America who have recently come to the United States have been labeled as both immigrants and refugees. What is the difference between and immigrant and a refugee, and why does it matter which label a person receives? The difference between the two labels could be the difference between a person having legal status within the country and being forced to wait until being able to legally enter the country. How does a Georgia resident tell the difference between the two?

Thousands become citizens during July 4 week

Georgia residents may be interested to learn that more than 9,000 people across the country celebrated Independence Day this year by becoming United States citizens during the first week of July. Many of the ceremonies occurred at places of historical significance, such as Pearl Harbor, the White House, Mt. Rushmore and the U.S.S. Midway. One hundred and two individuals fittingly became citizens on July 4 at George Washington's estate in Mt. Vernon. The ceremony took just 45 minutes but marked the end of lengthy journeys for many people.

Immigrants and in-state tuition

In June, a Georgia judge dismissed a lawsuit brought by students who are in the country illegally that had asked for them to be granted in-state college tuition rates. While the students argued that the federal Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program allows them access to the same rates as other in-state students, the judge ruled against them on the basis of sovereign immunity.

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