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Immigrants placed in unlawful solitary confinement in Lumpkin

A 24-year-old man has waged a claim about the ill treatment he's been receiving at the Lumpkin, Georgia, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) facility where he's being held. The Stewart Detention Center is currently being run by CoreCivic, a private government contractor.

The Bangladeshi man alleges that he was subjected to solitary confinement lasting ten days in Nov. 2017 after he reportedly told a fellow detainee that he didn't need to show up for work the following day.

Conservatives fight against allowing citizenship for dreamers

If you're brought to a new country as a child, you have no choice in the matter. Your parents or guardians are the ones making decisions that change your life.

Most people in the United States understand that some people are here illegally as a result of those types of actions. While deportation is an option, that's detrimental to the family and harmful for the individual who may have no recollection of living in another country.

Why might my request for a United States tourist visa be denied?

Hundreds of thousands of foreign nationals apply to come to the United States as tourists every year. For many applicants, though, they receive a refusal citing a failure to meet requirements listed in section 214(b) of the U.S.' immigration policy.

If you've received a notice that your tourist visa application was denied, then it's likely you were unable to prove that you have intentions of returning to your home country after spending a short time in the United States. Some of the more surefire ways to ensure an application gets accepted is to demonstrate that you have a home, family, job or bank account in your native country that you have every intention of returning to.

Después de las campanas de su boda: los inmigrantes encuentran algunos problemas

Cuando se casó con un ciudadano de los EE. UU. Y vino a Georgia para comenzar su vida juntos, usted asumió que habría un período de ajuste. Después de todo, nunca antes se había casado, y además es un inmigrante, ambos problemas que a menudo presentan desafíos. Dependiendo de cuánto tiempo haya vivido en los Estados Unidos y la condición actual de su estado legal, es posible que le preocupe que pueda estar en riesgo de ser expulsado. En algún momento, los funcionarios de inmigración pueden cuestionar su matrimonio en sí mismo.

Si las autoridades lo acusan de fraude matrimonial, no solo puede impedir su capacidad para obtener una tarjeta verde, también puede causar todo tipo de otros problemas legales. Bajo sospecha, tendría que proporcionar pruebas que comprueben la legitimidad de su matrimonio. Buscar aclaraciones de las leyes estatales y federales de inmigración y matrimonio antes de tiempo puede ayudarlo a evitar el estrés.

Immigration laws may change significantly in 2018

The new year holds many possibilities, but not all of them fill Georgia residents or the larger immigrant community with hope and joy. In fact, immigrants all throughout the country may soon see a complicated season of transition if the White House's recently announced plans to revamp the United States' immigration policies go through.

Under the current immigration system, many individuals qualify for legal residency through family members who already live and work in the United States. This family-based system allows those with family members living in other countries the opportunity to build a life with their family here in Georgia or in many other parts of the country.

Do immigrants have rights in the court system?

The United States has many laws and regulations. It has standards it upholds no matter who you are or where you come from. As such, every person in the United States has a right to a fair case in court. Whether you're here legally or not, you have a right to an attorney and to defend yourself against any allegations you face.

As an immigrant, you probably already realize that, sometimes, the law isn't on your side. It's been acknowledged that the United States criminal justice system does struggle with race and immigrant issues. As a result, many immigrants are deported without fair trials or denied assistance, which is a violation of their rights. Racism is just one possible cause for mistreatment of immigrants.

After the wedding bells: Problems some immigrants encounter

When you married a U.S. citizen and came to Georgia to begin your life together, you assumed there would be an adjustment period. After all, you'd never been married before, and you also happen to be an immigrant, both issues that often present challenges. Depending how long you have been living in the United States and the current condition of your legal status, you may be worried that you could be at risk for removal. At some point, immigration officials may question your marriage itself.

If authorities accuse you of marriage fraud, not only might it impede your ability to obtain a green card, it can cause all sorts of other legal problems as well. Under suspicion, you would have to provide evidence that substantiates the legitimacy of your marriage. Seeking clarification of state and federal immigration and marriage laws ahead of time may help you avoid major stress.

President Trump to end the H-4 technical spouse visa program

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced on Thursday, Dec. 14 plans to discontinue awarding spouses of technical workers visas that allow them to work alongside their spouse's who come here.

H1-B visas have long been awarded to those immigrants who were able to demonstrate that they possessed highly technical skills needed to make the U.S. more technologically competitive. It was during 2015 that former President Obama instituted the policy of awarding H-4 visas to dependents of H-1B visa holders. They were intended to allow them to also work in the U.S. when accompanying their husbands or wives.

Can I fight breathalyzer test results?

When you get arrested for drinking and driving after failing a breathalyzer, it is difficult to believe that you still have opportunities to fight the charges. Fortunately, even when you fail a breathalyzer test, you may still have options. In some cases, you simply have to get creative with building your defense.

In order for the breathalyzer results to hold up in court, they must stand up to scrutiny. You may find reasons to doubt the validity of the results, or to at least cast doubt over them in court. If, in reviewing the details of your arrest, you realize that the device itself was not properly calibrated or maintained, you can challenge the dependability of the results. You may also have reasons to believe that your arresting officer did not use the device correctly, which compromises the results.

Lo que necesita saber sobre la green card de violencia doméstica

Cuando te casaste con un ciudadano de EE. UU., Tenías grandes esperanzas de una nueva vida aquí. Lamentablemente, muchos matrimonios se deterioran con el tiempo, y algunos cónyuges incluso se convierten en víctimas de la violencia doméstica. Desafortunadamente, muchos inmigrantes como usted se encuentran en la misma situación y les resulta difícil buscar ayuda.

Sabía que el abuso que estaba sufriendo no era correcto, pero no estaba seguro de si había algo que pudiera hacer al respecto. De hecho, ni siquiera estaba seguro de tener ningún derecho en absoluto ya que no nació en los Estados Unidos y no es ciudadano estadounidense naturalizado. Si se relaciona con esta descripción, es posible que desee obtener más información sobre green card de violencia doméstica.

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