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How do you avoid immigration fraud?

When a person applies for a visa or seeks to change their immigration status, the process is usually more complicated and challenging than anticipated. No matter how you look at the immigration system in America, it is certainly not simple or user-friendly. This often leads individuals who want to play by the rules and follow the proper procedures to get help with the process, which is a good idea.

High-quality legal guidance during the immigration process can help you avoid many of the pitfalls that keep others from achieving their goals. But there is also a real danger to accepting immigration help from just anyone. If you're not careful, you may waste time and money and miss important opportunities to move forward towards your immigration dreams.

Understanding a crime of moral turpitude

When you come to the United States, it should be with the understanding that you will benefit the community you live in. When people immigrate to the U.S., the only thing the government really wants to see is people who want to live in the country peacefully. Those who commit crimes could be deported, especially if those crimes are crimes of moral turpitude.

Crimes of moral turpitude are, in essence, crimes that shock the conscience. Things like murder, homicide and crimes with "evil intent" all fall under this categorization. In the United States, people who are accused of crimes or moral turpitude and have visas may face deportation. If you have committed such a crime before obtaining a visa, entry into the United States may be impossible on those grounds.

Registrarse para servicio selectivo es su deber

Obtener una visa o green card para vivir y trabajar en los Estados Unidos es todo un logro. Muchos de los que comienzan el proceso se desalientan y abandonan su sueño, pero ustedes perseveraron y ahora están instalados en el hermoso estado de Georgia. Gran parte de sus esfuerzos para llegar aquí legalmente implicaron presentar la documentación correspondiente y cumplir con los plazos a tiempo. Ahora hay un paso más para tomar.

Si es un hombre de entre 18 y 25 años, debe registrarse en el Servicio Selectivo. El Sistema de Servicio Selectivo mantiene una base de datos de nombres de hombres elegibles que estarían disponibles para atender al país en caso de una emergencia nacional. No poner su nombre en la lista podría afectar su futuro de varias maneras.

The path to U.S. citizenship for your adopted child is clear

Children born and adopted abroad often qualify for United States citizenship as soon as they enter the country. In most cases, there's no need for the child's parents to file an application for their adopted child to qualify for citizenship. The signing of the Child Citizenship Act (CCA) of 2000 made it possible for children adopted abroad to automatically be granted citizenship.

For a child to qualify for automatic U.S. citizenship, the child must have been a minor at the time of their adoption. At least one of the adopted child's parents must be an American citizen. It doesn't matter whether it was acquired via naturalization or birth. The child must also be a permanent resident of the U.S. Their American parent must have both physical and legal custody of them and currently reside in the States.

Georgia immigration board members accused of overstaying term

For months, Georgia has been a focal point for many stories that demonstrate the complex cultural and legal issues that affect immigration in the United States. Now, in a surprising turn of events, several members of the state's Immigration Enforcement Review Board are under fire for allegedly breaking laws by remaining on the board longer than the law stipulates.

The conflict arose when the Decatur city attorney pointed out that five of the seven members currently serving on the board have held the positions since 2011, when the board was created. However, the city attorney argues that the law states that board members can serve no longer than two two-year terms.

US immigration detention facts that may impact your family

If you emigrated from another country to live and work in Georgia, you may have encountered several types of challenges along the way. Whether you're a business owner, a laborer or crossed a U.S. border in a dire situation without paperwork, you may have similar dreams and goals as hundreds of thousands of residents born and raised in the United States.  

While you may share similar experiences and opinions or customs with your American neighbors, it's also true that you may face certain fears or stressful situations regarding your legal status that your U.S.-born peers are not likely to face. For instance, you may worry that you or a loved one will be taken to an immigration detention center and forced to leave the United States. Thankfully, there are already support systems in place to assist you if that happens. 

Can you be a dual citizen of the United States?

You've likely always heard about becoming a dual citizen, which means that you hold citizenship in two countries. Many people seek dual citizenship between the United States and other countries. Before you do, you should recognize one interesting fact. That fact is that the United States doesn't formally recognize dual citizenship.

Even though the United States doesn't formally recognize dual citizenship, but that doesn't mean you can't have it. The government is not for or against it, legally or politically. On the whole, you will not have to give up citizenship as an American to have citizenship elsewhere or vice versa. The government, essentially, only cares if you are a citizen of the United States and not about what other countries you also have citizenship in.

Cómo evitar problemas al inmigrarse en georgia

Inmigrar a Georgia u otra región de los Estados Unidos puede ser un proceso muy complicado y estresante. Ya sea que hayas tenido un sueño de construir una nueva vida en Estados Unidos durante décadas o que recientemente se haya convertido en parte de los objetivos y planes de tu vida, cuanto mejor entiendas la ley de inmigración de EE. UU., Menor será tu riesgo de tener problemas legales importantes.

Siempre es mejor tener recursos alineados para que pueda buscar ayuda si encuentra obstáculos en el camino. Hay varias cosas que puede tener en cuenta que también pueden ayudarlo a lograr sus objetivos de inmigración de la manera menos estresante posible. Si ocurre algo que le cause preocupación, como que los funcionarios de inmigración lo detengan en la frontera, trate de mantener la calma y saber dónde buscar ayuda.

Arrested or detained immigrants: Know your legal rights

Immigrants who find themselves detained or arrested by U.S. authorities have specific legal rights. However, these rights may change depending on where the arrest occurred. In the case of an arrest or detainment close to a border or at an airport, immigrants have fewer rights. If the arrest happens on the street, following a vehicle stop, at a residence or at work, immigrants will usually have more rights.

The most important thing to remember during an immigration arrest is to stay calm and keep the following firmly in your mind:

What is an investment visa?

Immigration in the United States comes in many forms, depending on the needs of the person applying for a visa and the justifications he or she provides for immigrating. In many cases, an immigrant comes to America for very specific investment or development purposes, which requires an investment visa.

While immigration law is in a great state of fluctuation at the moment, the U.S. typically accepts roughly 10,000 applicants each year who wish to come to the country for the purpose of investing in a particular industry or geographical area, or otherwise participate in some commercial enterprise.

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