Defending Your Status

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If you have been contacted by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) about possible removal from the United States, take immediate action and contact a lawyer. Immigration law and the procedures that are involved in the process are not landscapes to navigate without the help of an attorney. Errors, oversights and mistakes can put your immigration status and future in the United States at risk.

Immigration Attorneys Protecting Your Rights And Defending Your Status

When immigration and criminal law meet, the stakes are high and could lead to possible deportation. Calling the attorneys at Taylor Lee & Associates LLC is an important first step to securing the advocacy you need. We can help with the following:

  • Filing bond motions to get you out of custody
  • Interviews with family members and clients already being detained
  • Aggressive legal representation at hearings
  • Representing clients at hearings

All the hard work you went through in securing permanent residency can be undone if you violate the terms of your visa. Green card face holders face removal proceedings if they are arrested on drug-related charges or other crimes under the Immigration and Nationality Act.

Temporary workers or those on a work or student visa face deportation if they work when not permitted, stay beyond the expiration of a visa, or commit other violations. Deportation hearings before immigration judges require a skilled and experienced immigration attorney at your side.

Once a conviction is final, even if it comes from a plea deal, little can be done to prevent deportation. Waivers are an option, but to secure them requires proactive steps long before the criminal case is resolved.

Contact The Atlanta Immigration Lawyers At Taylor Lee & Associates LLC

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