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If U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has contacted you about removal or some other matter, you may need to appear in immigration court. In Atlanta, the attorneys at Taylor Lee & Associates LLC are prepared to represent you in all types of immigration proceedings.

A broad spectrum of issues may be addressed in immigration court. We assist clients facing immigration proceedings such as:

  • Removal or deportation proceedings
  • Asylum
  • Waivers
  • Naturalization, work permits and green cards

Immigration Hearing Lawyer In Roswell

We take any necessary steps to help our clients such as:

  • Filing bond motions to get our clients out of custody
  • Interviewing clients while they are in detention
  • Interviewing families
  • Assisting with applications
  • Representing clients at hearings

If you face any type of proceedings in Atlanta immigration court, do not attempt to face it alone. Even the smallest mistake, such as a misspelling on a form, can lead to deportation. Since the consequences are so severe, it is essential to work with a lawyer who knows what questions to ask and what steps to take to prevent deportation.

Our lawyers have represented hundreds of people in immigration court. Since 2002, our firm has served Georgia's immigrant community. We understand the pressures that immigrants face. Our goal is to provide highly effective support and guidance to every client who walks through our door.

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If you are facing proceedings in immigration court, do not wait to contact a lawyer. Call our office in Norcross, Georgia, at 770-441-4807 or 800-440-7601. Hablamos español.